Singapore Airline Case Study

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1.0 Question 1
Singapore Airline (SIA) is a well-known airline for its excellent services and also the product quality they offer to the customer (Kossmann, 2006). Two theories will be used which are Drucker’s seven tasks of tomorrow’s manager and the cultural web in order to relate how SIA is a world class provider.

1.1 Drucker’s Seven Task Tomorrow’s Manager SIA targets to serve the best product for its passenger, plus the best customer service they can provide. Thus, to achieve their objective they often placed strong emphasis on quality training for the staff to ensure the standard level is well maintained and make sure the upper and lower management share to same goal. This also makes its cabin crew as the trademark of expertise. Therefore,
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This is why customer have high power and low interest in contrast as they are not interested on how much profit SIA can gain. Investment has been poured in to its in-flight dining in order to satisfy passengers demand for excellent product and services. Besides, SIA depends on external expertise in the area of in-flight dining with the help of International Culinary Panel. Customer expects good taste of food especially for long hour flight. Thus, this will help them to identify trends that may impact the customer’s taste. SIA also conduct surveys and focus group to measure customer satisfaction. Related departments will use the data to upgrade service and product quality to let customer feel like home. A good service quality is something inevitable and therefore SIA has put in more effort in enhancing this. Moreover, customers today expect real-time service recovery and also fast respond to their online feedback. So, SIA launches social media to provide additional points of contact for bigger and better online customer engagement as well as to obtain more feedback to enhance the products and services (Singapore Airline, …show more content…
All of these are results from the ups and downs of the share price. Shareholders usually make investment decisions based on these factors and these factors are determined by the performance of the company. It is important for SIA to prepare sufficient and clear information on its annual report. Features such as historical performance, earnings per share, price/earnings ratio, intangible and tangible assets and dividend yield. This information is essential for shareholders to compare with other companies. It helps shareholders to determine if it is appropriate for them to hold on to the company shares. SIA works toward creating values and improving company's future and performance. This will lead to the hike of share prices to satisfy shareholders (Scully & Maureen,

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