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    coming up with the final project proposal in time. As much as I want to keep my commitments and stick with programs, my weakness is that sometimes I tend to focus on doing things right which leads to overworking to the last minute. Another one of my best strengths is the leadership qualities and the ability to work with people efficiently. For instance, while I was serving as an executive secretary of the Ethiopian Air Traffic Controllers Association, I was able to communicate with the company management the benefits of cockpit flight familiarization. The familiarization experience allows Air Traffic Controllers to ride in an aircraft cockpit with commercial pilots as part of an educational program (recommended by the FAA). I worked tirelessly to get a budget approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. This program gave a chance to the Air Traffic Controllers to see and hear the communication experience so that the controllers know what is happening on the other end in real time. Unfortunately, the program was short lived because one of the Air Traffic Controllers, who was sent to South Africa, never returned and the government decided to shut the program. I was very critical to myself about this mistake and should have done more research on the members we were sending for familiarization, at least during the initial…

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  • Nextgen Case Analysis

    many of the FAA 's current duties (Parker, 2015). A private, possibly non-profit entity could provide more value for dollars spent and not be necessarily hampered by the piecemeal funding under which the FAA currently operates. Privatization ideas include managing Air Traffic Control duties, employees, and facilities into an independent corporation (Halsey, 2015a). Paul Rinaldi, President of the Air Traffic controllers ' union and Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, are among those who…

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  • Hypertension: A Summary

    working this job. There are numerous articles based on this topic, such as “Hypertension; Air traffic controllers ' stress affects later hypertension”, “Measures of Stress/Strain on Air Traffic Controllers in Simulated Air Traffic Control”, and “Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation”, which emphasis the idea that air traffic controlling is a severely stressful job. The title, “Predictors of Psychopathology in Air Traffic Controllers”, indicates that the article is going to address that…

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  • Automatic Surveillance-B Case Study

    The next-gen air traffic control system has many different components. However, one of them stands out from the rest. That will be the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast also known as ADS-B. The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system will help improve the tracking of aircraft and also help increase the efficiency of the entire air traffic system. The reasoning behind this is because it will allow tracking over areas without radar coverage, it will improve tracking of aircraft,…

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  • Overgrazing Land Flow Analysis

    Steps I would take to evaluate the land conditions is to analyze and determine the main causes of the issue at hand by determining the causes of the degrading over overgrazing and invasive weeds that are replacing native grasses. By doing this we can analyze the causes of grazing by ranchers and study how restoring these lands through the restoration process that can be used in order to provide a positive effects and outlook on the environment. Some approaches we can take when evaluating…

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  • Rolls Royce: Engine Health Management

    and reduce waste (Cite, Rolls Royce). Figure 1- (Rolls Royce EHM) Next Gen Concepts In the past, increases in passenger numbers have not been matched by increases in infrastructure and Air Traffic Control (ATC) improvements. With the infrastructure needs not keeping pace with demand, other measures will have to be taken to ensure that passengers fly…

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  • Pilot Data Link Communication Essay

    Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications: Hazardous or Helpful? Communication is the key to everything. Every facet of our lives is determinate on communication. No more is that true than in the world of aviation. The complex web of flights over the world dwarfs in comparison to the volume of communication that the aviation field uses. Communication between ground control, airplane to airplane, and maintenance hubs make up this network of information. The information that flows through the…

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  • Student Air Traffic Control

    employers must invest time and money in training employees to function as productive members of their organization. Given the expense of education and burden on employers to train new hires, it would be beneficial for college graduates to earn a degree that prepares them for a career. Certain college programs such as accounting and air traffic control enjoy strong associations with student career goals. Graduates should not discover they do not want a career that their education…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Free Flight

    SUMMARY 1: FREE FLIGHT AND EN ROUTE AIR SAFETY: A FIRST-ORDER ANALYSIS The United States airspace is programmed such that all aircrafts or plane does not travel on a straight line to their respective destination from their origin. They are made to follow a certain route, which is the same as what is experienced on the interstate highway system. The paths they follow were selected more than 50 years ago and navigation networks were placed along the path. The continuous advance in technology shows…

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  • Assignment 1: A Case Study Of Orlando International Airport

    The Tradeport provides 140 acres of cargo ramp that can be accessed directly by truck (through the-fence access), or via truck dock through air cargo sort/staging facilities (Air Cargo 2013). There is currently over 500,000 square feet of cargo warehouse space, with aircraft parking available for up to 27 all-cargo wide body aircraft parked in two rows (Air Cargo 2013). In total, the Airport has 14 cargo buildings with 253 truck docks, providing access to 630,440 square feet of building space…

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