The Importance Of Higher Education

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The cost of higher education is not going down. The increased expense of tuition is a challenge for many students and their families to afford. As a result, the debt incurred by Americans in student loans is increasing. Additionally, when graduates enter the workforce, employers must invest time and money in training employees to function as productive members of their organization. Given the expense of education and burden on employers to train new hires, it would be beneficial for college graduates to earn a degree that prepares them for a career. Certain college programs such as accounting and air traffic control enjoy strong associations with student career goals.
Graduates should not discover they do not want a career that their education prepared them for after they have gone through the time and expense of completing their education. Ideally, they should discover these feelings well before graduating, allowing them to shift their educational focus to something more applicable to their interests and abilities. While internships may afford some degree of discovery, these opportunities are not always available, and the resources needed to give a student the in-depth job experience may not be available. Simulation, when properly integrated within the
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Simulation can be used to create these important events at times when they would be most beneficial educationally, whereas students attending an internship may not get to experience these events very often, if at all during the time they happen to be there. If the scenario were to happen during an actual internship, the students would have limited ability to participate in executing tasks required to achieve an appropriate resolution. Students at internships are often observers rather than active

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