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  • Airasia Case Study

    I. INTRODUCTION a. Objectives and Scope AirAsia is a malaysian low-cost airline. It scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia’s largest low fare airline. Nowadays, MIS is a significant factor that influence the airlines system. In this article, the writer will focused on the online booking department that generized with the MIS system. AirAsia has currently adopted information technologies strategically to integrate the operations and coordinate to the business and management function. b. Importance of Computerised MIS Importance of MIS that applied to a budget airlines service because mis is used for marketing, distributuin, reservation, sales and telecommunications. The system can link together to its departmental and outsider…

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  • My Role Model Of Tony Fernalds

    Individual Assignment Part B There are lots of the business leaders who achieved success in their life like Bill Gates, Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs, etc. Here I am going to talk about Tony Fernandes he is a Malaysian Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tune Air Sendirian Berhad (Wordpress, 2013). Achievements He achieved several goals in his life such as (Qi, 2016). 1. He introduced the low cost Airline, AirAsia with the tagline of “Now everyone can fly”. This…

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  • Ryanair's Cost Competitive In Its Industry

    To what extent is it essential that ryanair operates at the lowest cost in its industry in order to be competitive in the mass market? (25 Marks) Ryanair is an airline company which offers low cost tickets, in order to keep its ticket prices low ryanair must ensure its costs are low to be able to ensure it makes a profit. Ryanair’s ability to keep costs so low and offer cheap tickets allows the company to provide its product to the mass market, this is necessary in order for ryanair…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Singapore Airlines

    cheese tasting classes to make all the employees are updated about the latest trend and able to provide best quality of services. Question 2 Figure 3 Porter's Five Forces New entrants in many industries are able to challenge the business of historically dominant firms (Clemons, Croson & Weber, 1996). However, in airline industry are depending on whether it operating long-haul or short-haul as long-haul need massive capital expense and lead times to recoup investment. Singapore…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Airasia

    The first strength of AirAsia is the organisation possesses a well-built management team as the company is driven and supervised by a board of directors that is made up of accomplished, capable, and experienced professionals that are diverse in their working and educational background. Strategic management team is important as it involves the top-management in formulating and implementing the steps and actions in order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Datuk Kamarudin bin Meranun is…

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  • Singapore Airways Case Study: Tiger Airways: Singapore Airline

    Answers to Q3 Tiger Airways: Tiger Airways was formed and have been in operation since 2004 as the LCC (low-cost-carrier) of Singapore Airline. The Tiger Airline's 49% share held by Singapore Airline, 16% held by Irelandia Investment Ltd, 24% held by Indigo Partners, and 11% held by Temasek (Poon and Waring, 2010). Tigerair business model is based on LCC that is intended to remain low operational cost, operational simplicity, and maintain better positioning. The airline have been generating…

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  • Singapore Airline Case Study

    1.0 Question 1 Singapore Airline (SIA) is a well-known airline for its excellent services and also the product quality they offer to the customer (Kossmann, 2006). Two theories will be used which are Drucker’s seven tasks of tomorrow’s manager and the cultural web in order to relate how SIA is a world class provider. 1.1 Drucker’s Seven Task Tomorrow’s Manager SIA targets to serve the best product for its passenger, plus the best customer service they can provide. Thus, to achieve their…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Airasia

    INTRODUCTION AirAsia airline is one of the low-cost carrier in the part of ASEAN region. (Yashodha, 2012) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the main headquartered for AirAsia airline. In addition, AirAsia provides the flight for the customer to 108 routes of the destination, 400 flights from the hubs that is Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. (, 2016) The name of the CEO of AirAsia airline is Tony Fernandes that work for the company since 2001. (TIME, 2014). In the following essay will…

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  • Singapore: Singapore Case Study: Tiger Airways

    Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd Tiger Airways is a leading Singapore-based low-cost carrier, also known as budget airlines. It is established in the 2004 and has been a leading Singapore based budget airline. It offers affordable fares with great customer service, removing unnecessary service costs to achieve the lowest operational costs, and in turn keeping its airfares to passengers low. It has changed the image of taking the plane to be seen as an affordable travel option, instead of being…

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  • Ettihad Airways Case Study

    1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the company: Etihad Airways is considered in the United Arab Emirates is the national carrier of the company, through the Royal (Amiri) The company was established in July 2003. Also, Etihad Airways was known during the past 10 years and one of the fastest growing airlines in commercial aviation history. Etihad Airways has a set of awards that highlighted its position as one of the leading brands in the world in a manner distinct. Also received an award for…

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