Swot Analysis Of Airasia

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AirAsia airline is one of the low-cost carrier in the part of ASEAN region. (Yashodha, 2012) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the main headquartered for AirAsia airline. In addition, AirAsia provides the flight for the customer to 108 routes of the destination, 400 flights from the hubs that is Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. (Essays.pw, 2016) The name of the CEO of AirAsia airline is Tony Fernandes that work for the company since 2001. (TIME, 2014). In the following essay will elaborate about the overview in Malaysia and the airline market such as sector’s characteristics, demand and supply figures, recent data and statistics for the Malaysia airline. Besides that, the essay will review of the organisation’s marketing practice with
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Moreover, marketing is defined as deliver the core messages for the customer. AirAsia is one of the airline that provide no frills for the customer, the company will more focus on the low income customer. The customer gets to travel with the cheapest price. AirAsia get a good compliment and attract a lot loyalty customer. (Azleen,2015). Branding is one of the marketing to present their concept of the product or company (Marketingschool, 2012). The name of AirAsia is to present about the company will be concern on the Asia airline market and the tagline for the AirAsia is “Now Everyone Can Fly” to present about everyone can travel with the cheapest price. Moreover, the customer buy the ticket in group will get the discount rates so that airasia can get more customers. (Codewit,2008)
Besides that, social media is one of the important media to promote AirAsia and it is also giving the convenience the customer to book the ticket anytime (The Economist, 2012). It gives the benefit for the customer get the cheaper rate for booking through internet. The low fares air transport may let the customer to experience with comfortable and early to reach the destination. (Lawton&Doh,
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The service needs to improve to get a good reputation from the customer. From the feedback from the customer, AirAsia delayed the flight time and did not follow the schedule. (Anthony, 2008). AirAsia should improve the image and generate more revenues. (Anthony,2008) Moreover, Airasia should give extra baggage allowance and reduce the add on price for the guest because is convenient and benefit for the customer. Example, the firefly airline provides 20kg free baggage allowance for the customer. (firefly,2016). Customer perspective is one of the recommendation for the AirAsia company. AirAsia should focus more on the market segmentation to focus on the main market customer to set the promotion for the future performance. (Yasmin,2012). Besides that, the promotion for the AirAsia is one of the idea to generate by attracting more customer. AirAsia should create more activities or campaign to become one of the well-known

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