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  • The Importance Of NYU Abu Dhabi

    anyone might attend a college where these opportunities abound. His university of choice, NYU Abu Dhabi, is situated in the small Middle Eastern country called the United Arab Emirates (UAE). People from a large variety of backgrounds and countries attend the college and must adapt to a different way of living. However, learning this new culture broadens knowledge of the customs of other countries. The location of the school does present challenges,…

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  • Dubai Economic Analysis

    oil incomes. Petroleum and common gas keep on assuming a focal part in the economy, particularly in Abu Dhabi. More than 85% of the UAE 's economy depended on the oil trades in 2009. While Abu Dhabi and other UAE emirates have remained moderately preservationist in their way to deal with broadening, Dubai, which has far littler oil stores, was bolder in its expansion approach. The UAE 's obligation to-GDP proportion has declined from a crest of 23.4% in 2010 to 14.6% as of now, as per Trading…

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  • Evaluation Of Sheikh Mohammed Approach To Build Dubai: Analysis

    personality. Hence, the education give people good skills such ability to communicate with others and improved the personality as well as leadership style (Lehner & Wurzenberger, 2013). In regard to the case study, Sheikh Mohammed studied Arabic and Islamic before started his school. Then, he studied in England in order to improve his English skills. Also, he studied at military training centre. As my critical analysis, I believe that long journey of studying gave Sheikh Mohammed outsider…

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  • Ettihad Airways Case Study

    1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the company: Etihad Airways is considered in the United Arab Emirates is the national carrier of the company, through the Royal (Amiri) The company was established in July 2003. Also, Etihad Airways was known during the past 10 years and one of the fastest growing airlines in commercial aviation history. Etihad Airways has a set of awards that highlighted its position as one of the leading brands in the world in a manner distinct. Also received an award for…

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  • Case Study Of Etihad Airways

    o The location of the airline is an advantage since its geographical location is in the UAE, which is considered one of the countries that act as a “crossroad between east and west”. o The airline company has a lot of internationally recognized sponsorships; this provides good branding and visibility. Example: Etihad Airways is the sponsor of Manchester City F.C. and has won many awards such as World’s Leading Airline in 2016. ("Etihad Airways", 2017) o Etihad Airways is considered as a…

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  • The Sahara Desert Essay

    Can you imagine living in the world’s largest and hottest desert? The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest and hottest desert. The Sahel lies on the southern border of the Sahara. This region receives more rain than the Sahara, but it often suffers from long periods of drought. Most of Sahel’s land is not appropriate for growing crops, which gave a hard time to the farmers living there. The Sahel are turning into a desert and it greatly affects the people who live there. People adapt living in…

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  • Research Paper On Venice

    Venice is one of the most known cities in the entire world. Its unique architecture and history, made the city popular in different countries. Actually, because of its beauty, Venice has copies in others continents such in America or Asia, where huge casinos recreate its canals and architecture. Nevertheless, the architecture is not the only thing that helped this city to become a reference and a must see in the world. Venetians has their famous carnival, which is a worldly tourism reclaim. On…

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  • Importance Of Leadership In International Business

    As an International Business major with my continuous learning practice with this field, I have learned to appreciate the ways of doing business in a cross-cultural environment and develop global leadership competencies. Especially after the field study experience with UAE, it further expanded my personal interpretations on building cultural awareness among different regions and how to lead with strong influence and motivation. United Arab Emirates is famous for abundant oil and gas reverses as…

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  • My Relationship With My Family

    So, I still resumed contact with my family after around six months when my father reached out to me shortly before my oldest daughter was born. I started working in Johannesburg during the week and then flew back to Cape Town over the weekends and would meet my family on occasion for dinner. Then a few months after that, his girlfriend of 20 years left him and he really struggled emotionally, so I would spend a lot of additional time in Johannesburg with him to help him through the breakup. I…

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  • Dubai Tourism Case Study

    Tourism Case Study Background of the emirates supported by recent statistics. The emirate selected for the case study is Dubai. UAE which is known as Business Hub and fascinating spot for the people all over the world. From all the seven states, Dubai is famous for tourism, development and many business tycoons from the world like to invest in this region. By the end of 1960’s, Dubai major way of earning was oil and trade to some extent, now these days Dubai is known as major Business Hub for…

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