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  • Reflective Essay: Five Days Of Anxiety

    Five days. Five days is all it took to save me from myself. Five days in an anxiety ridden place. Five days separated from the stress. Five days apart from the place that I call home. As you know, I am not always the happiest of people. The world can seem like a dark place and I don’t always know why. You have helped me in so many ways, and I am more grateful than you know, but, as you have figured out, one day it all became too much. The stress, the anxiety, the depression… it was overbearing. That day I checked myself into an inpatient program, knowing I needed time to breathe and figure out a way to stop repressing my emotions. After all, this wasn’t the first time I was in this situation, but that story is for another time. You met me in the emergency room and waited with me as they gathered my information. I don’t know if you knew how deeply frightened I was to be in this situation once again, I did wear quite the poker face. We sat and watched as other patients were processed through the system, and talked of the hospital as a machine, the nurses wearing just as much of a fake smile as I do on a regular basis. As they called my name and took me back and did their typical routine check-up, you stood by my side. You held my hand as I told the nurse what had happened prior to my arrival, tightening your grip as my voice quivered. You distracted me from the reality of the situation at hand, speaking of ththe future adventures we will experience together, and, as always,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Graduating High School

    teacher lecture about a subject. It was the same routine for thirteen years, starting with kindergarten had to wake up early to get to school, after school then go home to do homework, and sleep. With being so eager to graduate, I never took a second to pause and just take it in to appreciate my life. Graduating high school was one of my most important goals in life, unfortunately it went by to quick and wished there was a way to go back on this special day to relive it. At the end of the day…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In High School

    Unlike the majority of my classmates, I never had the opportunity to put on a cap and gown for a graduation ceremony. Like most people, my high school career lasted about 4 years. I made As and Bs for the most part, but never did earn my high school diploma. This made me feel as though high school was a complete waste of time. After all, I had nothing to show for it. A few months after my classmates graduated from high school, I earned my GED. I learned more from the experience of earning my GED…

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  • An Analysis Of Walden On Wheels By Ken Ilgunas

    In Walden on Wheels, Ken Ilgunas argues that "there is nothing liberating about leaving college; I 'd ended one series of obligations only to enter into another" (40). Being a college senior is the end road toward receiving a diploma, that certifies the completion of a certain undergraduate program, and most senior would like to achieve this end game in order to possible work in the field that interest them and pays off their college debts. Yes, I believe that after graduation the newly…

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  • Graduation Speech: Cooky Grocery Bag

    During the Christmas season, I was invited by the Texas Accolade Sports Academy to congratulate the senior players throughout the state on graduating high school, and for living up to their dreams of playing in a prestigious college. The auditorium was filled with students from different cities, all joyful and anxious to receive their medals of honor for their achievements. I was assigned to give a motivating speech on aspirations to the swarm of individuals seated around me, but I didn’t…

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  • The Last Day Analysis

    The Last Day The Last Day follows Alex Holland 's last day of high school and the choices he must make about what type of person he wants to become. Opposing forces pull him towards different paths but by the end of the day he will make choices that will make huge impact on his future Act I: Alex 's last day of high school begins like any other; he wakes up, gets ready for school, has breakfast with his parents, and then off to school. At breakfast his parents tell him they are proud of him, but…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst News Of My Life

    silence with "who cares your dad shouldn 't have taken you off your meds" Slightly making me feel better, because I had some one else to blame, like the teenager I was. I stared off into my backyard where poorly hung streamers lined my fence. Random kids talking so loud about how excited they were for summer and where they were moving for school. I then replied "yeah your right, but who am I going to sit with at lunch?" while they all just laugh I 'm actually being serious. I then just hit…

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  • Mauss Obligations Of Giving Gifts

    A gift can have different and multiple meanings based on your relationships, the setting, and that person’s status. You can receive gifts a many different times in your life: birthdays, holidays, graduations, or any other major event in your life. The gifts can come from your family, friends, or acquaintances. The gift can signify the status of a person. A person to demonstrate their high social status might donate money to TCU to construct a building with their name on it. This would indicate…

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  • Essay On Entitlement In Children

    Too Much, Too Spoiled Consider these two parenting scenarios from psychologist, John Rosemond: • An 18-year-old daughter graduated from High School, and for a graduation gift her parents paid for her and her 20-year-old-boyfriend to tour France for two weeks. • A couple celebrated their son’s completion from kindergarten with cap and gown, invitations, tears of joy and an elaborate graduation party celebrated overseas in Windsor, England, at the largest of the six worldwide LEGOLAND parks.…

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  • Waiting For The Future

    obsess over everything they would do. They would jam to music while doing each others hair and makeup. Hanging out at these type of events made me only wish that I was in high school, and that I could play high school sports. As a preschooler, I thought I would wear a purple or gold cap and gown. From being a bobcat to a panther, I never thought I would be a bearcat wearing blue and red. I would stand in my bedroom and practice throwing a ball cap, off my head, into the air. I just could not…

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