Importance Of Leadership In International Business

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As an International Business major with my continuous learning practice with this field, I have learned to appreciate the ways of doing business in a cross-cultural environment and develop global leadership competencies. Especially after the field study experience with UAE, it further expanded my personal interpretations on building cultural awareness among different regions and how to lead with strong influence and motivation.

United Arab Emirates is famous for abundant oil and gas reverses as its bedrock for continuous booming economy. However, UAE took further stretch into the future and steered its development into healthcare, education and infrastructure. Nowadays, UAE is one of the most diversified and fastest growing economy in the
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Fortunately, I had the opportunity to witness and examine the qualities of an effective and influential leader at the workplace. Of all the business visits that we had, there are leaders from different areas of the business to inspire me to truly understand what makes a good leadership within an organization/company. High integrity and honesty are precious virtues to have when leading a group. Moreover, direct communication works a long way in leading a multicultural group and environment. Lastly, the ability to inspire others will be another quality that I want to emphasize in my observation. This trip extremely strengthen my goal of being a leader in international business, I learned the importance of providing support for social, emotional and intellectual development, and recognizing the importance of beliefs and groups in the process of success.

Out of all the valuable experiences from the business visits, I have to say there is one thing that strikes me the most is the ambition and future thinking of the business methodology. From a small country, to one of the wealthiest region in the world, UAE is not just reaching for the wealth of the natural resources, instead the emirates has been looking further into the future and the generations to come, expanding its business territories into international trades, healthcare,
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Sheikh Zayed has been considered as a father to all emirates and the past glorious achievement that UAE has achieved. With the design and construction concept of "unites the world", the purpose of the Mosque is to give people a place to embrace their true self. The traditional culture cannot be forgot by new beliefs, he Emirates genuinely believed their heritage and culture, you can never go further into the future without looking at the past. Therefore, despite all the new beliefs and methodologies flooded into UAE, people still treasure their own culture because that’s where they came

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