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  • Mermaids: A Narrative Fiction

    Finally after waiting for everything to be put away, James spoke. "What is this place?" "This was my mother 's house, before she and my dad were married. When she died, my dad forgot about it. It 's my hideaway now." "This is what you wanted to show me?" "Yes, one day I 'm going to live here." "That sounds wonderful." They smiled and she showed him around. The first place they went was her room where she laid some sheets and blankets by the bed. "This was her room, it 's mine now." Then they moved into the next room. The ceiling was covered with midnight blue paint and shiny golden stars. She put down some sheets and blankets. She told him that he would sleep here. "The ocean should be beautiful tonight. What do you say to dinner on the dock and a swim?" He looked at her before replying, "That sounds wonderful." "Then I 'll see you in 30 minutes to head out." "Okay." "Blue, what are you giggling about?" "I asked daddy that question I wanted to yesterday." "Oh, and what did he say?" "He said that you sing that song in your sleep sometimes." Then Blue burst out laughing while her mother smiled and laughed as well. Ella hurried into her room and pulled out the swimsuit she had made and a long shirt. She threw them on and then headed downstairs to get dinner ready. Once the 30 minutes had come and gone she saw James wander into the room. "Are you ready to go? I have dinner finished." His reply was a nod and they headed out to the little row boat. They paddled out to the…

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  • Power Factor Analysis

    Aim The aim of this assignment is to investigate the method to correct the power factor within an AC power generation system. Once the power factor is found we shall improve the power factor in said theoretical circuit by modifying the existing one and calculating the differences this makes to the output across the circuit as a whole. Then we shall use a circuit design software package to confirm our theoretical results and identify whether our improved mathematical skills have solved the task…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Vietnam War

    disabling the weapon system in the process. I was out of harm's way of the shrapnel and hopped out of the Abrams and on a 37mm cannon. Unexpectedly, I heard a loud crack and I went tumbling down into the dirt. I managed to find cover behind a piece of the new wall, there was so much incoming fire that I couldn’t stick my pinkie finger out. After what seemed like hours, in reality it was a couple of minutes, I heard a loud roar of an aircraft engine. It was an AC-130 gunship! The Gunship rained…

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  • Informative Essay On Artificial Color Additives

    dyes, including Red 40. This study found that even children without ADHD had increased levels of hyperactivity when consuming 20 to 30 milligrams of food dyes (Ravella, 2016). In 2010, after these studies came out, the European Parliament passed a law stating that warning labels must be placed on foods containing artificial dyes. The law also required artificial food dyes would be banned in foods for infants and younger children. Now after the new studies caused a change in Europe why is the…

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  • Theme Of Violence In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

    There are universal themes in William Shakespeare’s plays, which can teach us a great deal. A frequent theme in all of Shakespeare’s plays is that violence, whether to oneself, or to others, achieves nothing, and thus that violence has no real power besides the power to destroy. There are many types of violence, be they mental, physical, and emotional. But whether you speak with violent thoughts, act with violent hands, or walk with violent ambition, all violence has the same intention, to…

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  • Power In Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

    POWER STRUGGLE IN LORD OF THE FLIES Power is believed to be the only thing stronger than fear. When Lord of the Flies was published in 1954 the novel is considered to be about humans that are inherently evil and when given power, how they choose to use it. Golding demonstrates this through the use of characterization examining Jack and Ralph as individual characters; symbolism is used to illustrate the power in the novel; and lastly, the conflict/dialogue between Ralph, Jack and its effects on…

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  • A Great And Horrible Beauty Analysis

    Gemma and her friends are whisked away to the Realms, where they can forget the troubles of their own life. The novel is very powerful based on the character 's development, the settings and the power of choices as the central theme. The connection between characters and their location in a novel…

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  • Narrative Analysis Of 'Chronicle Of A Death Foretold'

    journalist returns twenty years later to delve deeper into the mystery, his report becomes less of a solution to his questions and more of an examination of the townspeople as a whole. Authorities and the power they hold become a major focus point of this text as one tries to comprehend why no one prevented the murder. Márquez builds…

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  • Lao Tzu And Machiavelli Essay

    Throughout the ages people have to realize that there are different ideas and different ways to governing the world and people. For one it is all about appearance. To the people he has to appear to be true and keep up the appearance he is honest and true, but in reality he is thinking only about himself. He is trying to think make sure that he always has power. It isn’t about the people, but about keeping the people in her hands. However the other view is that there has to be a layer of trust.…

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  • The Role Of The Political Frame On Power And Decision Making

    The next frame that I will share my insight on is the political frame. The political frame is based on heavily on power and decision-making in the organization. The political frame explains power being an important tool in making decisions and power on both sides produces reality and without it things will not happen, and it is also important that power is not always look at as something negative (Bolman, Deal 2013). As a leader one needs to understand were the source of power comes from. Some…

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