The Role Of The Political Frame On Power And Decision Making

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The next frame that I will share my insight on is the political frame. The political frame is based on heavily on power and decision-making in the organization. The political frame explains power being an important tool in making decisions and power on both sides produces reality and without it things will not happen, and it is also important that power is not always look at as something negative (Bolman, Deal 2013). As a leader one needs to understand were the source of power comes from. Some of the sources of power come from position power, control or rewards, reputation and other ways. When a person is in a position he or she automatically acquire power. For example, if I am a judge I have the power to settle a dispute. Reputation of being successful at a certain task or project provides one with power (Bolman, Deal 2013). Power is influenced many times by political tactics. The way this is done by influencing organizations because a person or groups benefit (Yulk, 2013). It is important as a leaders that they’re are rules and regulations to make sure there is control (Weber (921). As a leader I will use power in a legitimate and positive way. I will place a clear understanding that I will use power in a fair and ethical way, find the facts before making any assumptions, and most importantly lead by example (Yulk, 2013). As a leader I will make sure that I am bargaining and negotiating to make sure all party’s have a win-win situation (Bolman, Deal 2013). As a

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