Mermaids: A Narrative Fiction

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Finally after waiting for everything to be put away, James spoke.
"What is this place?"
"This was my mother 's house, before she and my dad were married. When she died, my dad forgot about it. It 's my hideaway now."
"This is what you wanted to show me?"
"Yes, one day I 'm going to live here."
"That sounds wonderful."
They smiled and she showed him around. The first place they went was her room where she laid some sheets and blankets by the bed.
"This was her room, it 's mine now."
Then they moved into the next room. The ceiling was covered with midnight blue paint and shiny golden stars. She put down some sheets and blankets. She told him that he would sleep here.
"The ocean should be beautiful tonight. What do you say to dinner on the dock
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He only told me that while he was drunk, though."
Then she slipped off the rock and down through another hole. James followed and rose to the surface before he realized that he was on a shore covered in shells.
"What is this place?"
"The mermaid 's rock. My favorite place in the whole world."
"We have a mermaid rock too!" "Yes, we do."
As the sun slipped behind the ocean they swam back through the first hole into the cave but Ella quickly stopped short.
"Wait, James, watch the walls when the light hits us under the water okay?"
"If you say so."
When the moon hit the water they dipped their heads under and looked at the walls. A green glow surrounded them brightly before the moon passed and the light faded away.
They slipped out to the boat and paddled to shore. The moment the boat slipped to the sand she grabbed her things and ran inside. James hopped out and followed her.
"Where are you going?"
"I 'll tell you if you can catch up with me!"
With that he started sprinting to meet her and in the end they stumbled side by side onto the roof laughing and pushing. They collapsed into a heap of laughs.
A noise brought attention to Blue 's
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They worked on cleaning up and putting everything back in place.
Ella turned the corner to see James watching her.
"Will you come here a second?"
"Of course, what 's wrong?"
She walked over to him and he enveloped her in his arms. Then, he suddenly let go and went down on one knee.
“What are you doing?!"
"Hold on!"
"I know were too young to get married, so I wanted to ask you to marry me later and wear this until you 're ready."
He produced from his pocket a little box and opened it to reveal a beautiful ring with colliding swirls of gold silver and diamonds. It looked perfectly like a wave with a diamond cave hiding on the side. On the inside, it said I love more than the meadow loves the flowers.
"Yes, I say yes."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"That was a beautiful story mommy."
"Thank you. That 's how your father and I fell in love. See, I still wear the ring."
"Can I see the inside?"
Ella, now Elizabeth, took off the ring and handed it to her sweet daughter. On the inside were the words, "I love you more than the meadow loves the

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