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  • What Is E-Number Food Additives?

    E-number food additives, their chemistry and role in food Since the dawn of time, humans had using several simpler and yet natural food preservation techniques such as preserving meat using salt, or immersing onions and cucumber in a jar of vinegar to keep the food fresh and last longer. The method of preserving food had been evolved over a significant period of time. (Heldman, 2003) Food additives are either a natural or synthetic substances which was added intentionally to food to improve the taste and the appearance or to store longer period of time for later consumption. Food additives are included inside most of the things we eat. Technology has advanced over time that humans had invented different kind of artificial food additives. Food additives have increased its uses and consist of different kind of chemical properties. Today, there are more than 2500 different food additives are added into foods to enhance the taste of the food and ensure food lasts longer (Branen, 2002).The use of the food…

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  • Hard Capsule Essay

    2.0 Literature Review This literature review section will describe the fundamental or important topic of this study. 2.1 Hard capsule Capsule, tablet, syrup is among the type of oral administration drug delivery carrier. The capsule is a solid dosage form of drug delivery, which derived from degradable polymer film. The capsules can be divided into hard and soft capsule types. The capsules can be segmented by source of raw materials, and end users. The segmentation by source of raw…

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  • Why Do Food Companies Use Pesticides Affect The Human Body?

    In order to make food more affordable and feed a growing population, food companies add harmful chemicals and hormones to speed growth and increase production. This is a an epidemic because everybody is exposed to different kinds of chemicals and food chemicals are the most common. Due to increase in cost for maintaining our food healthy, adding chemicals and hormones drops the price, but has negative affects to the human body internally when consumed. Many different chemicals are added into…

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  • Negative Effects Of Tartrazine: Lemon Yellow Azo Dye

    Tartrazine Tartrazine is a chemical that contains numerous positive and negative effects. It is a lemon yellow azo dye mainly used as a food coloring. It has no taste, but s commonly used in foods we eat. Tartrazine’s chemical symbol is C16H9N4Na3a2. The molar mass of Tartrazine is 534.3g/mol. Also, Tartrazine’s melting point is 300 c. It is often used in bakeries on frosting and other pastries to add a splash of color into it. It is extensively used for a variety of different products. But, if…

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  • Gatorade Research Paper

    Gatorade, one of my favorite drinks, is one of the most well known sports drinks in the world. It is sold in over 80 countries and has been around for half of a century. Many well known athletes, such as Dwight Howard and Derek Jeter sponsor Gatorade, which help it to sell 100 billion ounces every year (10 Thirst Quenching facts). However, it made me wonder, what ingredients were in Gatorade, and how healthy they are. Surprisingly, there are many ingredients that go into the drink. Ingredients…

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  • Micro Chem Lab Report

    -SiO2@ON/glass was coated with poly(methyl methacrylate) (950 PMMA C4, Micro Chem, 2 mL) by spin coating (500 rpm for 5 s, 1,000 rpm for 5 s, 2,000 rpm for 5 s, 1,000 rpm for 5 s, SP-7200GT spin coater, Intec systems). The plate was cut into 4 pieces of 1.5 × 2.5 cm2 area (Refer to Figure S3), and then added to 5% HF solution (100 mL). In the first 1 min, the glass plate was detached from S-SiO2@ON/glass and removed. The S-SiO2@ON was further etched for 2 h. Caution: HF solution is extremely…

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  • Monosodium Glutamate Research

    In spite of ingestion of these additional commercially produced glutamates, our body metabolizes this glutamate in the same way it does with the other glutamates found naturally in foods. What that means is that our body does not distinguish between naturally occurring glutamates or the MSG found in a bottle of ketchup. Interestingly, a research report not suggests that glutamate from food or MSG is important for a normal digestive function. (Food Insight, 2009) In 1958 the FDA (U.S. Food and…

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  • Informative Essay On Artificial Color Additives

    FD&C Red Number 40 Food is a staple in our everyday lives, along with water it is one of the things we literally cannot live without. As an American, it is hard to eat a nutritious diet with all the fast food options and processed foods right at our fingertips. However, one aspect of our food that is of big concern for some individuals are artificial color additives. If you pick up your favorite cereal, beverage, or even your mouthwash and start to read the ingredients list you may see some of…

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  • Hazardous Food Research Paper

    The control of the moisture content in foods is one of the most basic exploited preservation strategies. Water activity is defined as the ratio of water vapor pressure of the food substrate to the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. The water activity can be manipulated in foods by a number of means, including addition of solutes such as salt or sugar, physical removal of water through drying or baking, or binding of water to various macromolecular components in the food. The…

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  • Digg Share Analysis

    A Vet's View On Dog Food Ingredients By Ken Alston | Submitted On November 02, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Ken Alston Commercial dog food brands are in a mad dash to get a…

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