Lockheed AC-130

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Vietnam War

    and only 4 HE shells. After while something amazingly pierced through the depleted Uranium Armour and threw up shrapnel all over the place and disabling the weapon system in the process. I was out of harm's way of the shrapnel and hopped out of the Abrams and on a 37mm cannon. Unexpectedly, I heard a loud crack and I went tumbling down into the dirt. I managed to find cover behind a piece of the new wall, there was so much incoming fire that I couldn’t stick my pinkie finger out. After what seemed like hours, in reality it was a couple of minutes, I heard a loud roar of an aircraft engine. It was an AC-130 gunship! The Gunship rained down fire from the heavens, picking up dust and flying tank turrets. I decided to retreat to the second wall while the raiders were still distracted. I had taken a position on a flak gun and one of my teammates parachuted next to me from the AC-130. Him and I were on twin 40mm Anti Aircraft guns, they were effective against their tanks due to the armour being only 29mm thick, and sloped at an 85 degree angle. The teammate was the first to hear the whirring of the Type-3 Makeshift attack choppers. Their trashcan bombs blew open the power box to the automatic defences, and I realized the third Type-3 was moving slower than the others. My eyes widen to the size of pies as I saw it carrying and unstable dumpster with an unbelievable amount of gunpowder. The outside of the dumpster was laced with unlit dynamite. I pushed my comrade off the wall and…

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  • Ah-64 Apache Weapons Compare And Contrast

    what is stronger than that? Perhaps the great AC-130 Gunship! There are many similarities between these two aircraft. There are also many differences. The purposes, the weaponry, and the specs are all very interesting things to know about these two aircraft. The Purpose of an AH - 64 Apache Helicopter. This is the most advanced multi-role combat helicopter for the U.S. Army and a growing number of international defense forces. It can be used for armed troop transport, path clearing, and…

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  • Lockheed Martin Strategic Plan

    Lockheed Martin Corporation has circa 126,000 employees worldwide and operates in four major busi-ness segments: Aeronautics, Mission and Fire Control, Rotary and Mission Systems & Trainings, and Space Systems (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2015b). In 2015 the business segment Aeronautics, which includes research, development, production, support and integration services of advanced military aircraft had a turnover of circa 15.5 billion U.S. dollars. The Missiles and Fire Control segment, which…

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  • Mermaids: A Narrative Fiction

    Finally after waiting for everything to be put away, James spoke. "What is this place?" "This was my mother 's house, before she and my dad were married. When she died, my dad forgot about it. It 's my hideaway now." "This is what you wanted to show me?" "Yes, one day I 'm going to live here." "That sounds wonderful." They smiled and she showed him around. The first place they went was her room where she laid some sheets and blankets by the bed. "This was her room, it 's mine now." Then they…

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  • Lockheed Martin's F-35 Production Line

    Rather than diving into an operations analysis on Lockheed Martin’s F-35 production line blindly, our team will perform background research on modern industrial engineering aspects that affect the line. By doing so, our team will gain some insight as to what influences this production system and what subject areas to focus on. This will give us a different perspective on the space demands of the F-35 at full rate production. In this portion of the report, two separate articles will be discussed…

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  • Power Factor Analysis

    Aim The aim of this assignment is to investigate the method to correct the power factor within an AC power generation system. Once the power factor is found we shall improve the power factor in said theoretical circuit by modifying the existing one and calculating the differences this makes to the output across the circuit as a whole. Then we shall use a circuit design software package to confirm our theoretical results and identify whether our improved mathematical skills have solved the task…

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  • Mog Aircraft Group Case Study

    on a peg board inside a bin, this providing the technicians an easy to retrieve system once they are ready for these small parts. During evaluating the use of two-bins, the monthly usage is evaluated and the data is used to launch the two-bin’s, with one month’s usage set up for each bin. That providing the technicians a flow of bin refills with a month’s span apart. Once bin number one is empty its sent to the warehouse to refill, and the technician begins using bin number two. When receiving…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of No Longer A Dream Silicon Valley Takes On The Flying Car

    Lumin Abdur-Rashid Rhetorical Analysis The article “No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car” written by John Markoff. The technology industry is constantly creating new things. An aerospace engineer, has piloted a flying car (Kitty Hawk Flyer) above a lake about 100 miles north of San Francisco. There are many positives and negatives to having the Kitty Hawk Flyer available in society. Markoff uses visuals to appeal to the reader, such that can catch the reader's attention…

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  • Flaws In Aviation Essay

    Airlines Flight 718, a Douglass DC-7, awaited its final clearance to depart Los Angeles International Airport to Chicago Illinois. After a delay in departure, at 9:04 am UA 718 was cleared for take off. In charge of the 58 passengers on board was Captain Robert S. Shirley. Shirley had enough flight time to make this a very routine flight. Shirley had flown with United since 1937. By the time he took the helm of Flight 718, he a total of 16,492 flight hours. 1,238 of those flight hours were in…

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  • Persuasive Essay Topics

    In the discussion of buying the F-35, many controversial issues have presented themselves. This plane should not be purchased due to its crippling cost, potential risk to pilots who are flying this plane, and the availability to repurposing this money into needed programs such as infrastructure. On one hand, Lockheed Martin argues that as the expenditure increases, so does the performance in which in necessary for modern day combat. On the other hand, some experts believe that this plane should…

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