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  • Molecular Pathology Vs. Myriad Genetics Case Study

    Myriad Genetics, Inc. was brought to the United States Supreme Court on November 30, 2012 where they agreed to hear the plaintiffs’ appeal. On June 13, 2013, the decision of the United States Supreme Court was delivered, ruling in favor of the Association for Molecular Pathology, thus deeming the BRCA1 and BRCA2 sequences patent-ineligible. This decision was justified by the Supreme Court, stating that a naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and thus not patent eligible, even if it has been isolated, as isolation does not change the segment. However, cDNA is still patentable because it is not naturally occurring. The Supreme Court also made sure to highlight what the decision did not mean. This decision does not claim methods are patent-ineligible. For instance, had Myriad created a new method of manipulating genes while searching for BRCA1 and BRCA2, it could have been possible to seek a patent. However, their methods were not innovative, as they were widely understood within the scientific community, thus not allowing for a patent. Also, the decision does not involve patents on new applications of knowledge about the BRCA genes. Finally the Supreme Court’s decision did not consider the patentability o DNA in which the order of naturally occurring nucleotides has been altered, as this alteration presents…

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  • Le Radeau De La Meduse Analysis

    What is Cultural Significance? "Cultural significance means the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value for past, present or future generations."[10] Works of art from all times in history, from all walks of life, influence us in the very same way that their creation was an influence of the world in which we and their creators live(d). Art can be an extension of life itself, pushing boundaries and going beyond to give people the experience of others. It can be vicarious and…

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  • Matter In English Language

    context. For instance, “Black Lives Matter” is a phrase created to represent a movement that continues to be a problem in our society “black lives.” Why choose the word matter? How does matter correlate to the significance of justice and race to represent black lives? In the book Citizen, by Claudia Rankine and the Spike Lee Film, Fight the Power, both depict/interpret the meaning of “matter” of racial injustice in their writing and film. Rankine’s writing in her vignettes relates to various…

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  • Kindergarten Mixed SEI Classroom

    Standard 2; to use English to achieve academically in all content areas: Students will use English to obtain, process, construct, and provide subject matter information in spoken and written form. Lesson one was taught through the use of class discussion and video.…

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  • Theory Of Management Paper

    are many types of organizations including businesses, religious groups, social, educational, family, and non-profits, to name a few. The mission of an organization should be focused on a population, describe a service, with measurable outcomes, and have some degree of partnerships within the mission statement. (Drucker) Re-structuring Strategies As the newly hired Human Resources Director, I would immediately call a meeting with the senior level managers to discuss the company’s revenue. I…

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  • Theatre In Education

    a play or workshop looks, feels or sounds is vital for a clear understanding of the information being portrayed. These sensory elements are not normally included in standard learning methods and can therefore create an experience that stands out from the educational norm. John Dewey commented upon how knowledge is transformed in an aesthetic experience. He suggested that it becomes ‘something more than knowledge because it is merged with non-intellectual elements to form an experience worthwhile…

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  • The Gain-Loss Theory Of Social Media

    initial judgment platform. Subjects significantly rated their likeness of confederates who had a negative profile higher than those with a positive one after meeting them in person. The implications of this are critical in today’s world for many reasons. First, this study undermines the entire online dating industry, which is heavily scrutinized as it is. These services claim to be able to match people together through magic love algorithms and they will be compatible. Their business model has…

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  • Summary Of Jerry's Self-Actualization Theory

    The following paper will be about juror #3, or rather, Jerry. Jerry is a fascinating individual with a deeply rooted disdain for children. One could imagine that it came from his rough upbringing with his own father that caused him to begin to see kids in much the same way as his father did. Jerry has always had a rough time maintaining social relations due to his narrowmindedness on almost every subject which leads him to have a short temper. Once his mind is focused on one set of beliefs,…

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  • Neat People Vs Sloppy People Essay

    “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” by Britt. The subject matter in this essay slapped me upside the head! My best friend Val makes quite a bit of money, and she is one hell of a neat person. She throws out toys as her sons grow out of them. She makes sure the mail gets gone through and thrown away daily. She is everything that Britt describes about neat people. “They have cavalier attitudes very informal and offhand toward possessions, including family heirlooms. Everything is just another…

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  • The Importance Of Counseling In The Army

    knowledge and developing me further. We set up every range together and ensured that the targets worked correctly. We managed the evaluators that I had previously trained, and ensured they were conducting their duties to standard. We pushed truck crews through the gunnery lanes, and worked with them to improve their performance during the after action reviews. He often told me that I pushed the crews too hard when they needed time, and gave them too much time when they needed a push. There is a…

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