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  • Computer Warfare In The 1950's

    had too much recoil and weighed too much for an efficient submachine gun. The MP5 improved upon this by making a small caliber machine gun that is compact, light, and reliable. Guns would be changed slightly to accommodate more modern attachments, but most guns would stem of similar designs to HK's. Gunships or attack helicopters would be changed as well with the addition of the AH-64 or the Apache in 1984.9 The Cobra was a smaller more nimble gunships but lacked the power to carry large munitions thus, the Apache was born. The Apache was much more technologically advanced than the Cobra. Many weapons would be tethered with the console of the Apache with multiple guidance systems and different cameras, such as thermal to see enemies. The M1 Abrams tank was also created in 1980 to replace old outdated tanks that were lingering from the arms race of the Cold…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Vietnam War

    ¨strolling down the street.¨ As I suspected, the raiders were unintelligent enough to believe him, they’re nothing but pieces of stone. I managed to finish the wall and place 37mm cannons on it right before I heard the rumble of tanks. At first I thought it was one of our armored divisions sent by H.Q. to help with the raider threat; but, the sounds did not sound like the engines we used. The noised were of a struggling, salvaged engine trying to last out its life as long as possible. It was an…

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  • M1 Garand Rifle

    A. Introduction Thesis: Many technological advances were made during World War II, but the development of advanced planes, guns, and the nuclear bomb ultimately led to the end of the war by causing mass destruction and millions of casualties. B. The development of the advanced technological M1 Garand rifle in World War II (helped the infantry soldiers in WWII) essentially help led to the end of the war. The M1 Garand rifle was a highly-acclaimed rifle for the United States in World War II. As…

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  • Analysis Of Nixon's Flawed Search For Peace By Melvin Small

    Lewis has more of a sympathetic view on how Nixon and his administration handled these events, even saying how Nixon was “quite successful” and blaming the defeat on budgetary pressures and political pressures. What we needed in the office was consistency and we weren’t getting that from the U.S. commanders. We had a replacement come in during the year of 1968. As if this is any excuse as to why Nixon lost the war, Sorely suggest that the advisors lacked this major key of consistency that they…

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  • Essay On Military Advancements

    Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (Weapons). The difference between the French and U.S. model is, The U.S. incorporated at the current and best features such as rounded hammer face and slanted pan. Eli Whitney produced 10,000 muskets and delivered them to the Army under a July 1812 contract (Weapons). The U.S adopted the Springfield “Trapdoor” model 1873. It was the first issued breech-loading .45 caliber rifle. The model 1873 was the fifth variation of the trapdoor design. From the trapdoor, the U.S.…

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  • The Things They Carried Critical Analysis

    concrete, emotional and physical, that the average foot soldier had to carry through the jungles of Vietnam. All of the “things” are depicted in a style that is almost scientific in its precision. In the article and book, we are told how much each subject weighs, either psychologically or physically. The last review I have is by David Abrams. He states that the closest he has gotten to combat action that year was in the pages of Tim O’Brien (and Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Heller, and Erich Maria…

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  • Centurion Tank Analysis

    the shell is a gel-plastic substance that can morph to the shape of the object it impacts. When the gel has spread out to its maximum distance, the high explosive explodes leaving relatively no escape for the energy. All the energy is directed into the armor that is in contact with the gel substance, which sends a shockwave through the armor; thus, it causes shrapnel to break off inside the vehicle. Because of the gel-plastic warhead, the armor’s angle has very little effect unless it is at an…

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  • Palmpro Company Case Study Solution

    Control Entry posted to T-accounts in Requirement 2. 63 5 68 4-19 4-27 (15 min.) Job costing, unit cost, ending work in progress. 1. Direct manufacturing labor rate per hour Manufacturing overhead cost allocated per manufacturing labor-hour Direct manufacturing labor costs Direct manufacturing labor hours ($275,000  $25; $200,000  $25) Manufacturing overhead cost allocated (11,000  $20; 8,000  $20) Job Costs May 2009 Direct materials Direct manufacturing labor Manufacturing…

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