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  • Voodoo Rituals: The Purpose Of Santeria

    innumerable spiritual beings concerned with human affairs and capable of helping or harming human interests. (Park, 2007). It is the most extensive of all religious systems and boasts the most followers. During the 18th and 19th century, slave traders brought West Africans to the New World. Unknowingly, Santeria was carried along to the Americas as well. The religion anchored itself chiefly in the Caribbean and later advanced north and south. Important disparities now separate original Yoruba religion and modern Santeria. As West African slaves arrived in the New World, aspects of the religion changed, such as the number of gods worshipped or its official name. In Brazil either Macumba or Candomble (or Condonble), in Trinidad the name of Shango was taken, in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, and Mexico it became known as Santeria, and in Haiti Voodoo or Voudum, and in Cuba it is known as either Santeria or Lucumi (Bowen, 1998, p. 133; Philpott; Gonzalez, 1994, p. 252). Although once abiding by the same beliefs, Voodoo and Santeria eventually developed differences over time. “The focus is the same--the placating of gods, spirits, demons, even the devil, to do the bidding of the worshipper. Some observers maintain that Voodoo and Santeria are basically now two different religious systems” (Philpott).…

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  • Sankofa Film Analysis

    The bird once belonged to Shango’s father and was handed down to Shango. Shango thought it would benefit Shola if he passed it down to her after she was caught trying to escape from the plantation. The bird represents the many generations of slaves and at the end of the movie the bird is flying in the sky and it signifies that they are free and that they have found the true meaning of the Sankofa and are aware of their African American roots. I believe Sankofa is a part of Mona’s family and is…

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  • Sankofa's Journey To Black Consciousness

    off as one, had elements of Black Consciousness throughout the story that had helped mold others into being able to reach the state of Black Consciousness. In the concept of time, space and identity, Nunu Kept her identity, acted when it was her time to, and felt she was in Africa all of the time. Nunu did have one fatal flaw; unconditional lover for her Son, Joe, who had turned away from Nunu. Shango throughout the movie revealed that he wants all to reach this state and be free. He had already…

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  • African Culture Research Paper

    make him sad and he cries. Because of this he had a change of heart and became the first C something in Sewnica history. Gasire’s Lute was just a piece of wood that could not do what is was suppose to do(sing) until blood was spilled for and tears were shed over it. Now I will talk about this guy named Shango. Shango was the thrd king of the Oyo Empire located in Nigeria today He is know as a very powerful king winning many battles. Shango was such a great king in Eurba tradionhe is consider a…

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  • Sankofa Movie Analysis

    people” As seen in the movie noble ali played that character he was entrusted into whipping negroes and was trusted the master, who sometimes entrust some supervisory job to him. Nunu, in fact, rejected to marry him because of the same reason. Third, “ Elderly women had special responsibilities such midwives and taking care of babies” Nunu acted as the elder women who was very passionate about living, she took the role of the midwives when Kunta who was heavily pregnant, died as result of the…

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  • Summary Of The Codification Of Soul In African-Derived Dance Culture

    The Codification of Soul in African-derived Culture Synopsis The Codification of Soul In African -Derived Dance Culture is a chapter four in the book Myth Performance in the African Diasporas: Ritual, Theatre, and Dance. Benita breaks down what I would consider the dancers calling. Brown also discusses a style of dance that is a tradition in black culture , but slowly dissipated ; Shouting. Both subjects covered are deeply connected to each other and should be treated with care, just as brown…

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  • Sankkofa Reflection

    American culture and how they slowly try and adapt to the language, as well as the new culture they have been introduced to. It also shows their adaptation to being slaves rather than indigenous people. In the film you notice how sometimes individuals will be speaking in their native language, but at other times they speak in English. For example, the film displays how Shango and Nunu switch in and out of the native language and English, showing some partial Creolization taking place. You also…

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  • Chapter 6 Chango Analysis

    Chapter Six Chango Other Names: Shango, Xango. A War god, connected with Mars, claimed to give victory over adversaries and perform powerful punishment upon them. He is called mostly for men in all issues to do with victory and sensuality, to be seductive to women. Chango may perhaps be the best recognized of the Orishas. He rules dance, drums fire, lightning and thunder. Chango is a warrior Orisha of knowledge and intellect, has hot-tempered nature and is the personification of manhood. Chango…

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  • Sankof Haile Gerima's Spirit Of The Dead

    camera shots of enslaved Africans is used to keep the film’s narrative centered on the experiences of Africans, rather than the narrative of the white oppressors. Soon after the film introduces the audience to Shola, the ancestor of Mona, we learn that a group of enslaved people are caught after they attempt to run away from the plantation. In turn, these enslaved people are subjected to whippings that one of the head slaves of the plantation, Noble Ali, must carry out. Specifically, the film…

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  • Personal Essay: Separation In China

    We were in poverty and there was no way to get out it. I knew I needed to do something in order for us to survive and staying there in China wasn't an option. Opium is all over China and our government wasn't doing anything about it. I mean, why don’t they do anything to stop the importation of opium into our country which has been destroying people's lives. You look outside and you see our fellow Chinese men in terrible health conditions. It has done so much damage them that they don’t even…

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