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  • Voodoo Rituals: The Purpose Of Santeria

    In the eyes of strangers to the religion, Santeria may only resemble Voodoo rituals, with no eternal purpose for the Santeros. So what exactly is the perennial goal for Santeros? And how is that goal reached? The purpose of Santeria is to obtain three levels. Each level requires a separate ceremony be performed and results in different degrees of protection, power, and knowledge. Completion requires reaching all three levels, but a participant can stop at any one. The steps or roles are: 1. Receiving Elekes Elekes are beaded necklaces and are made up of different colors and patterns that correspond to the preferences of the orisha of the santero or santera who conducts the initiation. The necklaces are draped around the neck of the initiate. Elekes are sacred and are a sign of the orishas presence and protection. Santerians say the necklace ceremony is equivalent to the ceremony of baptism and is the first of the initiations given in Santeria (Gonzalez, 1994, p. 165). A Babalawo, by the use of a divination ritual called the bajar a Orunla determines which orisha(s) will be the initiate’s, or iyawo’s ruling head. The iyawo is given five to six necklaces, and these are removed in certain circumstances – bathing, sexual activities, sleeping, and during a woman's menstruation (Philpott). The breaking of a necklace, for any reason, is a serious problem, and further rituals must be conducted to prevent bad results. The main intent of the Elekes is for protection against evil. The…

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  • Syncretism In Cuba

    Cuba's prevailing religion is Christianity, primarily Roman Catholicism, although in some instances it is profoundly modified and influenced through syncretism. A common syncretic religion is Santería, which combined the Yoruba religion of the African slaves with Catholicism and some Native American strands; it shows similarities to Brazilian Umbanda and has been receiving a degree of official support. The Roman Catholic Church estimates that 60 percent of the population is Catholic,[2] but only…

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  • Importance Of Business Etiquette In Brazil

    seventeen to seventy and is optional for the citizens who do not have the ability to read and write. In the country of Brazil there are many unique values the citizens hold. To begin with, the main religion of the country is Catholic. Brazil has the largest catholic community in the world. During the colonial times, there was no freedom of religion which meant that all of the Portuguese settlers and Brazilians were forced to the Roman Catholic faith which in turn made most of the population…

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  • Brazil History

    economical downfall. It was not until the mid 1990s that Brazil was able to climb out of debt and start to rebuild its nation’s economical growth. The export of sugar, soybeans, and coffee was a considerable advocate in this incline to a more profitable country. The diversity of the people, culture, and religion has made Brazil one of the most heterogeneous counties in South America. The dominant religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic, with over eighty percent of the nation’s population. Other…

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  • Religious Movements In North America

    and practices from the monotheistic world religions into an indigenous, shamanistically or spirit based religious tradition (Ellwood, 2013).’In other words, one can take parts of other religions they believe to be true, and morph them all into a religious cocktail. Peter Berger defines Hybrid Religion as ‘Religion scholars use the term “hybrids” for groups that put together their faith and practice by taking bits and pieces from previous religious traditions (Berger, 2016).’ People are seeking a…

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  • Occultism In Religion

    different spiritualist schools based on the assumption that all human beings are fallen preexisting spirits. The original rebellion against God became denser. This cosmic event made them fall into the deepest parts of the universe from which, if they repent, may be emerging through successive reincarnations. Those who are reincarnated, this process will lead gradually to achieve perfection and place of original glory. While spiritualists and jokingly joyful approach to the Bible, there are a…

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  • The Santeria Religion

    located in Osogbo, Nigeria. She is worshipped by both men and women there. There are also people that travel to Osun in order to participate in her three day fest. While people visit Osun’s land (specifically dedicated to praising her) you cannot not fish, hunt, or anything. The only thing that one can do is simply respect it and just acknowledge her presence. Yemayá has power over the ocean. She is patron over motherhood; and womanhood. She is also considered to have a maternal, dignified,…

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  • Psychopathology And Culture Analysis

    symptoms of the diease that appeared common to all patients, irrespective of their national cultures. Some examples of these symptoms are: lack of insight, auditory and verbal hallucinations, and ideas of reference. However, through their studies, the same researchers also found that certain aspects of the disease that were attributed to mental illness in some countires were given a completely different etiology in other cultures. A common symptom of Schizophrenia is that patients report to…

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