Henry III of France

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  • Pope Gregory VII: Gregorian Reform

    Hildebrand, the road to papacy was a long one, containing many different roles in the papacy. Hildebrand’s first step to the papacy was given by Pope Gregory VI. “After he [Hildebrand] was ordained a cleric, he attracted the attention of Pope Gregory VI, who chose him as his chaplain. Eventually considered the most influential person in Rome.” Latter Gregory VI would be deposed by Holy Roman Emperor Henry III and was exiled to Germany, and Hildebrand felt obligated to follow him to Cologne. In 1048 when Gregory VI died, Hildebrand decided to move to Cluny. Only there for a short time, he eventually decided to follow Abbot Bruno of Toul to Rome; where Bruno was elected Pope under the name Leo IX, and named Hildebrand deacon and papal administrator. During this time he was seen more as a legate in France. Upon the death of Leo IX, the Romans employed Hildebrand as their representative to the German court, to negotiate Leo’s successor. The end result favored Bishop Gebhard of Eichsatdt, who reigned as Pope Victor II for a short time, but also confirmed Hildebrand as his legate to France. Following the death of Pope Victor II, Pope Stephen IX rose to papacy and ordered the Hildebrand be sent to Germany to obtain recognition, but Pope Stephen IX would pass away before his return. For the next few years, Hildebrand would reach no higher office then that of archdeacon, until the death of Pope Alexander II. During Pope Alexander II’s burial, Hugh spoke out addressing the clergy…

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  • Catherine De Medici Chapter Summary

    son of Francois I, King of France, Henri II. The King and the rest of the French public quickly realised that Catherine’s rank was somewhat low to be marrying a prince, and that her dowry should have been larger. However, Francois I…

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  • Religious War Summary

    and Protestants struggle for control of France, Netherlands and England • FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION (1562-1598) PG 392-397 • French protestants= Huguenots- from Besancon Hugues- leader of Geneva’s political revolt against House of Savoy 1520’s • HRE emperor Charles V captured Fancis I of France at Battle of Pavia ion 1525-…

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  • Henry Mcfelly's The Survivors-Personal Narrative

    The Survivors It was august 21st 2005 Henry Mcfelly just got told he come to Maine his mother was not doing well he wanted to say one last goodbye. Sarah Stone a smart creative business woman had to go to Maine for her job head of this new company Narha. As she was excited she got woke up at 5 o’clock with a smile on her face. They got onto the small plane and were told it would be a ten hour flight from CA to Maine. Two hours into the flight henry sitting they hyper and freaking out Sarah asks…

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  • Magna Carta Dbq Essay

    The beginning of King John’s reign was turbulent and troubled. Coming to power already mistrusted by the populace not only hurt his image, but also influenced how he acted as king. Inspired by King John’s unfair rule over England, barons and other nobles created the Magna Carta in 1215 in order to limit his influence, thus creating a balance of power between the king and his subjects that ultimately served as the basis for a strong and stable government. Written in 1215 the Magna Carta, directly…

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  • How Far Did The Magna Carta Affect England's Government

    Church shall be free, and shall have her rights entire, and her liberties inviolate,” (“Magna Carta”). This important piece of the charter illustrates the rights of the people. It explains how God grants that the Church was to be set free. The government was not to withhold the rights of the people. The citizen’s rights were finally visible again and stronger than ever. How the Magna Carta’s stand had a lasting impact With every tremendous stand comes a spectacular impact on the rest of…

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  • Democracy: The Derailment Of Democracy

    The Derailment of Democracy Overthrowing a government has never been easy. Civil wars and revolutions almost always end up in bloody warfare. Planning to install democracy after ousting the original government is not a simple task either. The only other flourishing country that has successfully managed this is America, which is the only exception in all of history. It is no wonder that France had such a hard time with their revolution. Although the French Revolution showed that building a…

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  • France's Population Patterns In The 19th Century

    cultural and economic life during the course of the nineteenth century? Ancien Regime France was the financial, demographic and cultural hub of Europe. A large unified landmass, a vast rural population and effective centralized governance, positioned the Hexagon to thrive in pre-industrial world. A combination of economic, social and political changes turned many of these strengths into weaknesses. The Industrial Revolution, meant…

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  • Napoleon I: The Allies's New Balance Of Power

    reduced France to her prewar borders and she had given up territories which was conquered by Napoleon I. Moreover, the Allies strengthened the states bordering France as a barrier against the renewal of French aggression. The settlement of 1815 undertaken by the Allies was harsh to France and the country’s power had been reduced. Furthermore, there was a new balance maintained in Europe by the Allies which favoured Britain and Russia. However, the new balance of power was not going to remain…

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  • Summary Of Felipe Guamán Poma De Ayala

    Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala was a native Peruvian who had Incan ancestry. As a son of a Spanish nobleman, he was exposed to the colonial power of the Spanish but had the knowledge of Incan society and history. Guamán Poma is best known for chronicling the events that partook in Peru as the Spaniards continue to establish themselves as the dominant power. In his illustrated letters to Spain’s King, King Philip III, he detailed the accounts of ill treatment that the Spaniards did towards the…

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