The Importance Of NYU Abu Dhabi

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My mom 's computer lights up and the familiar "blup, blup, blup" warns her of an incoming Skype call. She accepts and my brother appears on the other end, thousands of miles away. He relates the happenings of the day, and we laugh at the experiences he shares because of our sheer disbelief that anyone might attend a college where these opportunities abound. His university of choice, NYU Abu Dhabi, is situated in the small Middle Eastern country called the United Arab Emirates (UAE). People from a large variety of backgrounds and countries attend the college and must adapt to a different way of living. However, learning this new culture broadens knowledge of the customs of other countries. The location of the school does present challenges, …show more content…
With its convenient location relatively close to incredible historic monuments, and with world class teachers, attending the school would broaden my education. For example, earlier this year, my brother had the opportunity to visit the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. While reading about this monument might provide a basic understanding of its importance, actually visiting the structure allows for an appreciation of the feat of architectural wonder the building really is—an opportunity not available to many students of American universities. In addition, the Student Interest Groups (SIGs) available to students are essentially clubs for a huge variety of activities, from basketball to art to horseback riding. Admittedly, my desire to join many different SIGs and travel might cause me to overextend myself, but this would force me to manage my time. The educational opportunities available to students are almost unimaginable, and the teachers of NYU Abu Dhabi are world-class. Learning from those who are so knowledgeable in my fields of interest would grow my education by leaps and bounds. I do concede that adjusting to a style of teaching unlike the one I am used to might be hard to accept and also a challenge. However, learning to accept a different worldview would prepare me for the real world, where I will not always agree with the opinions of others. The educational aspect of NYU Abu Dhabi is not only world-class, but also allows for incredible opportunities to learn through direct

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