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  • Air Jordan Vs Lebroon Research Paper

    debate of all time in the world of professional basketball is Air Jordan verses King James. Who is better? Well, it depends on who you ask. Michael Jordan began his legendary career in the NBA in 1984 after playing three years in college at the University of North Carolina, while Lebron james rose straight out of highschool into the big leagues in 2003 and still dominates the league to this day. Both Jordan and James have quite a fluorescent stat line for their respective careers and they do have a number a very distinguishable differences. However, they share many similarities in their game…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike's Objective Have It

    Nike released this Air Jordan advertisement in 1988 along with their third line of Michael Jordan’s signature shoe, the Air Jordan III. This is during Jordan’s 4th season in the NBA, which some consider to be his breakout year, and Nike and Jordan’s brand awareness would’ve been very high at this time. Along with the superstar Jordan, Nike paired him with another celebrity, Spike Lee. His character in his movie “She’s Gotta Have It”, Mars Blackmon, is an eccentric resident of Brooklyn with an…

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  • Racial Autobiography Essay

    I was born on December 20th, 1996, in Vienna, Virginia. My incredible parents, Kevin and Melissa, are black and white respectively. They both grew up without a lot, but worked tirelessly, just as their parents had done before them, to ensure that my brother and I had everything that we needed, and most of what we wanted. Although we were well above middle class on a national scale, at our predominantly white all-boys private school filled with multi-millionaire families, we were outliers. That…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Air Jorda

    shoes. As a younger boy my brother came home from school one day talking very highly of a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes. I decided to do some research of my own because which little brother doesn’t want to be just like their big bro? In the course of looking up and researching these shoes, I fell in love. My brother ignited a fire in my heart that could not be contained, thus I’d say that I have a burning passion for collecting and selling shoes. With any free time I had I would look at…

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  • Sports Reshaped Social Issues

    The Jordan brand was created in 1985. He was given his own shoe. The Jordan 1 is a classic. Since then, Jordan has made many different shoes. Nowadays many people wear his shoes for style and for basketball. The movie “Space Jam” was released in 1996 and was an instant hit. What better combination is there than the Loony Tunes and Michael Jordan. Space Jam made approximately $90.4 million. When Jordan became a well known name, and his brand was created, people were brought together by his…

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  • Nike Pyramid Of Influence Analysis

    Nike is the leading brand for athletic apparel and footwear in the world. Nike’s core marketing strategy is to use the “pyramid of influence” approach. In that approach, Nike looks to small number of top athletes to promote the use of their product. In the early years, running legend and international track star, Steve Prefontaine, became the first spokesman. Nike was fortunate to contract another athletic legend, Michael Jordan, as a spokesperson. Nike took a gamble with Jordan, but the…

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  • Causes Of The Six-Day War

    on June 5, 1967, was the third Arab-Israeli war in the long line of conflicts between these two entities. The Arab-Israeli conflict is between Palestinian Arabs and Zionist (now Israeli) that began in 1948 and continues to this day. The conflict began over the occupation of land and since 1948 the Middle Eastern territories have been massively reorganized. Moshe Dayan, Israel’s Minister of Defense, initiated the war by attacking Egypt’s air force in the morning of June 5, 1967 which begins the…

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  • The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Analysis

    The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back How the Dawson’s Field Hijackings Forced Jordan to Take Action Against the PLO On September 21, 1970 the cover of Time Magazine read simply “Pirates in the Sky.” It was referring to the hijacking of four planes by the Palestinian militant group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or the PFLP. This incident was one of the first cases of airplane hijacking as a took for political blackmail, and it played a significant role in king Hussein’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Misconception Of Jordan

    My Misconception of Jordan The Middle East was nothing like I experienced it to be. I was expecting to see women fully covered from head to toe and very poor areas. Although that type of lifestyle does exist in the Middle East, I rarely saw it. In the Middle East, I stayed in Amman, Jordan. When I first arrived to my grandmother’s area I noticed every woman had their body and hair covered. The men wore sandals with jeans and regular t-shirts and no one drove nice cars.…

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  • Arab-Israeli Conflict Analysis

    a nationalist identity and an international voice. The Middle East in the 1950s saw a series of Arab military coups that replaced former kings with nationalist military leaders in Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Egypt, under Gam Abdel Nasser, became one of the strongest and most powerful Arab states in the region and began to ring the bells of Arab unity. Nasser envisioned a Middle East where the Arabs could form a single union and fight for their common interests. Soon, Egypt and Iraq began to undergo…

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