Air Jordan Vs Lebroon Research Paper

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Believing in the latest to be the greatest is a common theory many people, especially sports fans and even professional athletes have. Perhaps the hottest debate of all time in the world of professional basketball is Air Jordan verses King James. Who is better? Well, it depends on who you ask. Michael Jordan began his legendary career in the NBA in 1984 after playing three years in college at the University of North Carolina, while Lebron james rose straight out of highschool into the big leagues in 2003 and still dominates the league to this day. Both Jordan and James have quite a fluorescent stat line for their respective careers and they do have a number a very distinguishable differences. However, they share many similarities in their game …show more content…
It seemed Jordan was printed straight from the basketball textbook in reference to player profile. Jordan was the perfect shooting guard in the eyes of many, standing six feet six inches tall with a lean frame, long arms, and big hands. When stating an Jordan or LeBron is “the greatest player of all time”, what needs to be factored more than championships or era they played is position. Because Jordan was a shooting guard, he, in theory should be a superior shooter, even the article (Michael Jordan vs LeBron James:) says, “Jordan was the better outside shooter, and performed better in clutch situations than James.” To sum it up, position makes the argument almost balanced because it doesn’t evaluate accomplishments of players, it gets viewed as an analysis of what Jordan could do better than …show more content…
How can this be possible when Jordan has three more championships the LeBron? You see the separating factors here is LeBron is still playing in his prime today as Jordan hasn’t logged minutes in roughly fifteen years. Will LeBron add to his championship count? That is the highly sought after statistic. But, there is a good chance he could capture yet again back to back finals victories this year as he returned with the same team. Scottie pippen a former teammate of Michael Jordan said, “I may go as far to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game. Because he's so potent offensively that not only can he score at will, but he keeps everybody involved" (Joe Posnanski). Yes Jordan has three gold balls on LeBron as of right now but what separates James from Jordan is James's ability to make a whole team around him better. James won back to back championships with the Miami heat before joining the Cleveland cavaliers again and winning a championship. Jordan never won a championship with another

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