Rob Mahoney Then And Now Analysis

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In the article “ Then and Now: The evolution of Lebron James” the author, Rob Mahoney, explains the different styles Lebron James plays with in the game of basketball with his aging body. He began with the explanation of the basic Lebron defense used by many teams today to try and stop him. He describes how he has learned from playing against it for so many years. The author breaks down the different play styles of the young Lebron to the older Lebron. The younger Lebron was a more explosive powerful basketball player. The older Lebron is a smarter basketball player. He has always been a good passer since he came out of highschool. But as he has gotten older he has became a better teammate. But this season, he is having the highest number of assit of his career. So there is a different type of Lebron James throughout the years.

Its impressive to see an athlete change from when he was younger to what he is in his older age. Lebron
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The athlete has to adjust to how the body ages. That could be explained by sports that are very physically demanding like football. The average year for football is 3.3 according to the “NFL Player Association”. The average NBA player career length is 4.8 seasons. That means players have to change how they play because they are going to be playing longer. James is no exception to this idea.
In 2003, James was selected No.1 in the NBA draft. Hes changed very much since then. The game of basketball is not the same anymore. There is more of a focus on the 3 point shot. At the start of the season in August, 2013, the most 3 point shots taken was 27. Now it is 31. When James came into the NBa in 2003, his rookie season 3 point % was 29%. This season James is shooting around 38%. This is a huge jump. His assist numbers are also higher with his older age then when he was younger. In the 2003 season, his numbers 5.3 assists per game. This season it is

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