New York Yankees Too Old To Be Successful?

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Are the New York Yankees too old to be successful? Facts mostly say that they are not too old. It could just be that the players the Yankees have right now are just having bad seasons or seasons meaning they are underperforming. Then again it could be age, age is a big factor in sports the older you get the more prone to injuries and your physical skills start to decline but like I said facts say that they are not too old.
When players play hurt when they are younger it does not really affect their performance. Like when players are older they get hurt or injured more and a lot easier then when they are young because their bodies cannot recuperate as fast from an injury when they are older like when they were young. Look at former Major League
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For example, in 2008 Chien-Ming Wang, severely damaged his foot while running the bases, and it 's unlikely that Wang will pitch as well as he did when he was 27. This injury could have struck Wang just as easily at 24 or 36. Because players who wash out of baseball are normally replaced by young players” (Bradbury 1). Some injuries can happen no matter how old you are. Age does cause players production to decline. Player’s production from their peak (meaning when they are playing the best) of age 29 to the age 34 is when most players are performing at their best. Later, in years after their peak, players start to decline in their ability to hit and pitch at a high level, but one good thing starts happening when they start drawing walks and getting on base. That is good for players that are getting older because instead of getting out more often by swinging or looking at strike three older players develop over the years the knowledge of the strike zone that makes up for their decline in the ability to get hits so they start drawing walks and getting on base anyway many things can start happening from getting on base via the walk. “Baseball players exhibit a pattern of improvement and decline in performance; however, differing lengths of careers and changes in rules and characteristics of the …show more content…
So you see the Yankees had a pretty good offense. Like most MlB there were times where the Yankees struggled to score runs so even well pitched games like a one to nothing game the Yankees still lost because of the struggling offense it happens to every team during a season it is a common thing for every team during a season, no team can have a great offense all throughout the year if they do the chances of that team making the playoffs is pretty much a given. One may think it is because of old age and that could be the reason for it, but fatigue could also be another reason for it as well. When you are fatigued you cannot give it your all, not because you do not want to but because your body is tired of the everyday grind of playing. Therefore body parts are sore and that makes you a little slower at swinging the bat if you were hitting and on defense you are not as quick as the first day of the season. A player 's fatigue can also lead to an injury. The Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner had an amazing first half of the season. He had such a good first half of the season that he was named to the American League All-star team because his first half statistics were a 302 average, ten home runs, 42 RBI

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