How Does Terrorism Affect Tourism

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It is hard to believe that anyone would murder hundreds just to have their message heard, but that is the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is more than just a physical effect and a body count, it also can have a crippling effect on the mental state of millions. Terrorism creates fear in things that people once thought were perfectly safe, and one of the biggest fears created is on travel. Travel is a driving force in the world economy. The effects of terrorism can be felt on several fronts regarding travel, and not just the mediums we use to travel. Terrorism has effected the transportation industry primarily through air travel. Air travel being one of the leading mediums for international and long distance domestic travel. After the use …show more content…
Tourism is an important factor in many countries’ economies. The industry is based in the principle of bringing in people from out of an area and having them spend money in the area to generate a source of revenue. The issue that arises between terrorism and tourism is that travel is a key component in the process of tourism. In Bac’s article he says, “Regarding the Bali attacks, its consequences were felt immediately at local and national levels. Registering an exodus of foreign tourists and an avalanche of cancellations of reservations by tourists who wanted to come to Indonesia. The small country was highly impacted by the loss of tourist and lost a substantial amount of income because of the terror attacks. In a smaller counties the loss of revenue is felt at an even worse level. The base of income for the county is tourism, and businesses like tour guides and hotels are even worse off thanks to their customer base being mostly tourists. The effects on businesses like this and with the sudden loss of money coming into the country, the country is likely to spiral into an economic depression. Such effects will need time and reforms to correct. Terrorism effects the travel industry though the mediums used for travel, how we view what is secure, and tourism. While the effects of terrorism can be devastating and often far reaching, not all the effects are bad. The shock of terrorism can strike fear into the hearts

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