Colonialism In South Africa

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The reason why your thesis is true or the area or perspective of the research question being investigated- In every postcolonial country there are people being born who have never seen oppressive rule, and have always been independent. (1D) The question, is how do you teach these people as children about colonialism. Has it been easier before or after postcolonialism? This perspective will be examined in the contexts of South Africa, India, and the Middle East.
1st Evidence: (Paraphrase source, summarize source, or quote source) The South African school system has suffered as the hands of apartheid, but Iain Smith of History Today would argue that the country is facing something far worse, (3B) “I found a
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A pluralism of perspective is essential if school history is to be genuine history and not just propaganda dictated by the government.” (Smith, 15) (3A) Essentially, the country is divided, while at least during apartheid there were two separate sides. Nowadays, children want none of it, “What post-apartheid South Africa needs is patriotism not nationalism. Where the latter tends to be exclusive (and can become murderously so), the former is inclusive of all who inhabit a common patria.” (Smith, 14) This shows that for teachers, and the government, in South Africa, the learning of their children has been influenced negatively by post colonialism. (2B) Now the country of India will be investigated, a country renowned for its strong education system. (1D)] …show more content…
3rd Evidence: (Paraphrase source, summarize source, or quote source) In a world where many people think that the Middle East consists of a thriving anti-Western space for learning, it is important to understand that the situation is actually a lot more dire according to Heidi Morrison of the University of Wisconsin (3B), “While access to education has improved dramatically in the Middle East in the second half of the 20th century, the public education system tends to suffer from overcrowded classes led by poorly-trained, overworked teachers with inadequate materials.” (Morrison, 19)

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