America Skips School By Benjamin R. Barber

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America’s education system is no longer one of the best in the world. Americans may act like education is the most important asset a person can earn. However, our country is falling way behind many Asian and European countries because children are lacking education in almost every subject. Benjamin R. Barber, author of “America Skips School”, explains what really is wrong with our education in in his essay. The article explains what is wrong with America’s educational system because we are focusing on other inputs but, not school. The United States needs to start putting more focus towards education and schooling. In the article “In Praise of the F Word” Mary Sherry explains how much a teachers and parents can positively impact children’s education. …show more content…
The ones who do want to learn will find a way she says: “a fortunate few will find their way into educational-repair shops—adult- literacy programs, such as the one I teach basic grammar and writing” (Sherry 215). If a student receives a diploma, then they should know how to read and write. When I was in high school many of my classmates were reading at an elementary level and they were just passed along. This happens in many schools across the country. Schools will just pass the kids even if they did not learn the subjects required to pass that grade. America should be embarrassed; we cannot just pass kids along when they are not learning. In our country we are lucky to graduate high school and be able to read and write simple sentences, but in other country’s kids are fluent in two or three …show more content…
We are just caring less and less about education. Teachers are underpaid, students would rather drop out, and parent’s words do not come into consideration. Many students do not take school seriously because they think of money. If my teacher does not make as much as a Kim Kardashian, then she does not matter, according to Barber. Money is the main focus on most student’s minds and when you look at celebrities, most of them did not receive a high school diploma let alone go to college. We do not value education and Baber writes “Americans do not really care about education—the country has grown conformable with the game ‘let’s pretend we care.’” (Barber 229). Baber is correct, we are just pretending that education is important to us. Because in today’s world we do not think education is as important as what is on TV or the internet tonight. If America really cared about education one of the highest paying salary would be teachers. We would also put more federal money towards education and make it a law that you cannot drop out of high school. Education needs to come first in everyone’s life to make it better. As our educational systems fall apart, we are not looking hard enough for a solution to the

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