Module 5: Critical Thinking Analysis

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Module 5: Critical Thinking Option 1
I have chosen a political news conference for my final project video (NDTV, 2015). This video focuses around three of the major political parties in India. The parties are the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the Congress (Indian National Congress Party), and the AAR (Aam Aadmi Party). The interviewees include a former Chief Election Commissioner, a journalist and political commentator, and three former and current politicians. The host asks each of the guests how they feel about the current election going on at the time of the interview which was conducted at the beginning of this year.
Political Parties
The new conference began with questions concerning the future of Delhi with the upcoming elections.
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Each of the three political parties had a supporter as a guest and each voiced what their party had to offer India’s future. The AAP supporter (Gul Panag) stated that their election policies were based on research on what Delhi needs and the best way to address those needs. The focus of the current election issues, for the AAP, would be the cost of electricity, health care, and education. These issues are keeping India’s social classes segregated.
Shazia Ilmi (the BJP supporter) talked about how the BJP party has evolved into an evangelistic party which is incorporating some of Gandhi’s beliefs into their politics. They go on to discuss the new candidate for the BJP which is taking the political party in a bit of a different direction from what history has shown the BJP to stand for. It is mentioned that the BJP is focused on the economic aspect of Delhi and India.
The Congress Party is talked about less frequent than the AAR and the BJP parties. They are considered more of a party that does not have the best interests of the people in mind. There is mention of a food bill that is being presented and the Congress candidate back it up even though it could create food shortages among some of the

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