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  • The Impact Of Climate Change In India

    In 2008 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh released India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change, the NAPCC. The NAPCC outlines existing and future policies that address climate mitigation and adaptation. It is made up of eight national missions that will run until 2017. The first is the National Solar Mission. This mission promotes the use of solar energy. It specifically looks at increasing solar technology in urban areas, industry and commercial establishments. The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency builds off of an earlier energy efficiency plan from 2001. This mission aims to decrease energy consumption in industries that traditionally consume a lot of energy. This mission enforces a system for businesses to trade energy-savings certificates and reduced…

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  • Module 5: Critical Thinking Analysis

    Module 5: Critical Thinking Option 1 I have chosen a political news conference for my final project video (NDTV, 2015). This video focuses around three of the major political parties in India. The parties are the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the Congress (Indian National Congress Party), and the AAR (Aam Aadmi Party). The interviewees include a former Chief Election Commissioner, a journalist and political commentator, and three former and current politicians. The host asks each of the…

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  • Kashmir Conflict Case Study

    1) The Kashmir battle is a close-by conflict generally among India and Pakistan, having started not long after the division of india in 1947. China has on occasion recognized a minor part. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947 and 1965, and the Kargil War. The two countries have additionally been combined into a couple conflicts over control of the Siachen Glacier. As an inevitable answer for this issue was for Kashmir to have the…

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  • Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture

    Agriculture in most developing economies is the core sector providing a livelihood to a significant proportion of population, especially in rural areas. Since this sector faces the largest burnt of underemployment, unemployment and poverty, a growing agriculture and allied sector is expected to contribute vastly to overall growth and poverty alleviation. Increasing the productive capacity of agriculture through higher productivity has been an important goal in developing countries. There has…

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  • The Accidental Prime Minister By Manmohan Baru

    The Accidental Prime Minister is a memoir by Indian policy analyst Sanjaya Baru, who was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s media advisor from May 2004 till August 2008. The author describes how he was given this important position in the very first chapter, in which he says - ‘Working in a PMO headed by Manmohan Singh, whom I had come to respect as a professional and a human being, was an opportunity not to be missed’. The book offers valuable insights into the Prime Minister’s mind, his…

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  • Half Lion: How P. V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India

    Architect of India's economic reforms Rao emerges as a man who provided transformational leadership to India at a time of deep financial crisis and Sitapati rightfully credits Rao for being the ‘principal architect of India's economic reforms.’ The Congress party, although, has assiduously given credit for the 1991 reforms to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rao’s finance minister and to Rajiv Gandhi, a former prime minister from the Nehru-Gandhi family. The author provides ‘behind-the-scenes details of how…

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  • Mc Mehta V. Union Of India Case Study

    defenses will be allowed. Case comment: Statement of facts 1. The sriram food fertilizers case Is about the leaking of oleum gas from the caustic chlorine plant in the industry on 4 and 6 December 1985. This was a disaster as the gas widely spread killing thousands of people including the employers and the residents of the nearby locality. 2. The Delhi administration also appointed an expert committee dealing with the hazardous nature of the industries. This committee was headed by Mr.…

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  • The Importance Of Human Rights In India

    Rights Commission of India and the Planning Commission of India have showed support for decriminalising homosexuality in India. There has also been a huge demand for social equality for the LGBTI people in the country because of its large population, India has a high number of people within the LGBTI community. “In September 2006, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, acclaimed writer Vikram Seth and other prominent Indians publicly demanded the repeal of section 377 of the IPC. The open letter demanded…

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  • Lincoln Electric Case

    Both acquisitions and joint ventures are impractical for the company to enter India because the former would violate Lincoln’s global acquisition policies, while the latter would disable Lincoln from having complete control in their business. For Lincoln’s Greenfield Investment into India to be successful in practice, the company must do two things. The company must immediately invest and build production facilities in Silvassa, to take advantage of the government-created tax free zones. This…

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  • Summary Of Half Lion, PV Narasimha Rao Transformed India

    less similar (he declined the post). But without Rao’s political backing, the liberalization process simply stood no chance, with or without Dr. Manmohan Singh. In passing, it may be recalled that Dr. Singh ceased to be the same reformer in his ten-year long stint as the PM, clearly establishing Rao’s hand in the 1991 reforms. India hit its lowest ebb soon, when it became clear that its foreign exchange reserves would barely last two weeks and government was close to default. Shamefacedly, Rao…

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