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  • Why Is The Printing Press Important

    In the Ten Important Works of Classical and Medieval Authors(Doc K), many of these books were written before the printing press was available so they were in manuscript form and very few people had copies. As soon as the printing press was available these classics were printed and they were easily published in mass quantities to be widely available for the public. The spread of these ancient works allowed everyone that could read this great opportunity and these books are still published today. In the Ten Important Works of Early Modern Authors(Doc L), after the printing press became widely available, books that were just written were printed right way and allowed into the public. This allowed modern and current ideas to be spread quickly and on a larger scale.Many people believe that the printing press did not spark the gain of knowledge but these next two examples seem to prove different. In Isaac Newton’s…

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  • Importance Of History In The Present Day

    The Importance of History in the Present Day The past is history, the future 's a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why they call it the present. This quote is a perfect way to summarize what I plan to explain in this paper: the past is history. We study it and try to learn from it. Every part of our past is of some use to us and has impacted the lives we live today. As I discuss the emergence of Islam, The Rule of Saint Benedict, and illuminated manuscripts I will explain just how…

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  • Comparing Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral And St Mark's Basilica

    In said book was what the title claims to be, gospels. The book throughout tells stories and shows events related to Christianity. “The reason Saint Augustine himself came to England, was to spread the word of God” (Norman). On a number of pages there is illumination, which is the use of either gold or silver. The use of this gold gives an even more powerful view of God in these gospels. On some pages in fact, the gold has been burnished to give a smoother and shinier look. The manuscripts are…

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  • Personal Narrative: Irish Mythology

    grandmother’s stories. Majoring in illustration, I focused my studies on the Celtic illuminated manuscripts and endeavored to research my thesis, Scribes and Storytellers - Exploring the elements of Celtic mythology and its imagery as depicted in illustration, focusing on the late nineteenth century through the present day. Using the travel perks of my father’s Aer Lingus job, I traveled to Dublin to study the Book of Kells and interview scholars and artists from Trinity College. During this…

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  • Mark 16: 9-20 Analysis

    The Bible has been a subject of tremendous controversy ever since it was beginning to be written approximately 3400 years ago. One of the subjects that scholars, pastors, and Christians debate is whether the ending of Mark, specifically Mark 16:9-20, should be included or deleted. In the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible, right before verse 9 of chapter 16 there are the words, “The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have verses 9-20.”…

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  • Summary: A Highly Unlikely Scenarios

    also be out of date, but is still a good resource due to what is contained inside of it. It states on the back of the book, “This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.” The publishers tried to keep everything as true to the original documents as much as possible, so the book includes things such as original copyright references, library stamps, markings, and blurred pictures. Since this book is about the…

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  • Illuminated Manuscripts In The Middle Ages

    Illuminated manuscripts are pieces of art, usually with hints of gold and silver and other bright colors to make the new look illuminated and beautiful. There are many ways that illuminated manuscripts were found in the Middle Ages. For example manuscripts could be found in something as simple as borders on pages and a picture in an article. They also could be found in very large and detailed art such as a historical initial or even wall sized art. All of these ways and more were used during the…

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  • Special Collections Visit

    Special Collections Visit The three-hundred and ninety-five-page book that I surveyed, titled Della Espositione Sopra L’orlando, was published June, 1550 (originally written in roman numerals MDL) by a person named Lorenzo Torrentino. A person by the initials of “U.R.S” was the author and the colophons, mentioned the printer’s name, “DV Cale”. This book was written in purely Italian and was paginated, and its size was fairly small, identifying it as an octavo. The title page included the…

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  • Analysis Of The Communist Manuscripts, By Karl Marx

    The German born philosopher and sociologist, Karl Marx centralized his ideas around the flaws of capitalism. He published works like Capital, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, and co-authored The Communist Manifesto, and The German Ideology along with Friedrich Engels. In these writings, Marx focuses on the breakdown of economic classes (such as wage laborers, capitalists, and land owners), and the necessities produced to survive (Appelrouth & Edles 2016: 28). Marx blames capitalism for…

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  • The Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts Of 1844 By Karl Marx

    The “Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844” is qualitative data put together by Karl Marx to back up his theories for economic problems. According to the Preface of the book, the Manuscripts include topics such as wages of labor, profit of capital, and rent of land. Marx doesn 't let the worker blend in with the crowd and be oblivious to what 's going on around them. Marx thought anyone can be apart of the change depending on how far they 're willing to go. Karl Marx argues that there are…

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