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  • The Cradle Will Rock Analysis

    "Composers must come out into the open; they must fight the battle with other workers" Marc Blitzstein. Blitzstein’s The Cradle will Rock was one of the most powerful pieces of art during the Great Depression ("The Cradle Will Rock", 1). It alone transformed not only Broadway, but also the mentality of the American people during this time of labor, war, and strife. Theatre reached more people during this time than ever before. Under Franklin Delano Roosevelt 's Work Progress Administration 25 million people were exposed to theatre (Miller, n.d.). The Little Steel Strike’s lineage coincides with that of The Cradle will Rock. The story was a revolutionary for the time, the opening performance is a landmark in Broadway history, and it affected…

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  • Gasol Brothers Character Analysis

    Every time the NBA season ends, there is always a frequently asked question, which Gasol brother played better this season? People even take several polls on the internet, and it’s always back and forth. Marc and Pau Gasol are two of the premier post players in the NBA. However, people often confuse them because of their size and low post scoring, even though they are extremely diverse. In this article, The Gasol Brothers, basketball fans will find out how to easily identify the two from one…

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  • Love: Love In Relationship

    We all grow up with different ideas of the perfect guy, the perfect boyfriend, sometimes we wish to be able to build our own as if they were male Barbie dolls. Well ladies, I have figured out the perfect formula of the man for me. Luckily I didn’t even have to make him. He was introduced to me on the way to a Florida Georgia Line concert wearing a white Columbia fishing shirt and most perfect smile. Most search for what they want in life, but if a relationship is meant to be it will magically…

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  • The Montreal Massacre Summary

    important role in the distribution of information and the construction of criminality and the criminal justice system. Public perceptions are formed by journalists and news reporter’s portrayals of victims and criminals in the news media. They focus on the drama of the crime story rather than the content, resulting in the skewing of reality. Within the context of Canada, a researcher at the Université du Québec à Montréal revealed that 95% of news reporters use the media to disseminate…

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  • Assignment 1: CEO Of Salesforce

    services which explains why they have such a high annual revenue and net income. The annual revenue is 6.6 billion and the net income is 47.43 million. These are very promising numbers. offers software as a service products or SaaS. These are starting gain a lot of popularity. “Software as a service (SaaS) products have become increasingly popular and have driven the growth of the CRM market.” (Tarver 2015). This is very good news for because they are a part of the…

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  • Advantages Of Microsoft Salesforce

    READ THE BELOW CASE SALESF0RCE.COM: SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE GOES MAINSTREAM has been considered one of the most disruptive technology companies of the past few years and is credited with single-handedly shaking up the software industry with its innovative business model and resounding success. This company provides CRM solutions in the form of 'software-as-a-service' leased over the Internet, as opposed to software bought and installed on machines locally. It was founded in 1999…

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  • Gun Control Laws In Canada

    Across North America, the use of guns and firearms were very controversial and still are till this day. Many Canadian politicians and citizens have looked down on the United States their gun control laws. On December 6th, 1989, an eye-opening tragedy for occurred. Twenty-five year old Marc Lepine walked into the University of Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique, murdered 13 female engineering students, a woman staff member and killed himself. The massacre left the victims’ family in devastation and…

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