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  • Marching Band Autobiography

    elementary school in the fifth grade by playing the flute and getting instructed by one of the best band instructor’s ever Mr. Hartz. But before moving on to the flute every little person played their first instrument which was the recorder where we played in the fourth grade. At this time music wasn't as advanced and the songs we played included lullaby type of songs including Mary had a little lamb, Hot Cross buns, and many more. Since I played band in elementary school starting from the fifth to the eleventh grade, I’ve been real accustomed to all musical aspects. When first starting out in band I wasn’t the best band player but as time went on in high school I soon became first chair and stayed their for the next three years. In elementary and middle school…

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  • Marching Band Reflection

    To be in a marching band, one has to almost become one with the band. The instrument played is not a single aspect, but a part of a much larger whole that must be comfortable and confident together. When I first joined the band, I was not one of the more comfortable and confident people that fit in with everyone else. Most all band members are loud and proud of who they are, compared to myself, who always hid behind others and hated being the center of attention. However, almost everyone has…

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  • Personal Narrative-Marching Band

    plethora of notes in my opinion. But once I joined middle school band, that all changed. Sometime during sixth grade, I had the sudden epiphany that I need to pursue music for as long as possible, because it felt special. It still does. Though middle school taught me everything I needed to learn about music at the time, high school is the reason I’m writing this paper. Entering ninth grade as a five-foot-three biology know-it-all, Steve Conley, my current band teacher, introduced me to marching…

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  • Marching Band Observation Report

    Few people outside the marching band world realize the amount of time and effort that goes into assembling the perfect halftime show; months of preparation take place, and, then, rehearsals begin up until competition. Everyone involved, including band directors and band members, must contribute to the overall success of the marching band. Months before marching season begins, all materials must be prepared. This includes drill, coordinate sheets, and music. Usually, a drill writer is hired to…

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  • Short Essay On Marching Band

    Every year at the end of May, a new marching band season starts. This was normal for Milly. Her band is very well known around her state. Concord is one of the best bands in the state of Indiana. They are from Elkhart, Indiana. Milly was so excited for the season to start, but on the other hand she wasn't . It was her senior year and her last time participating in the marching band. Since she was a drum major last year, Milly is now the head drum major. Being a drum major is one of the hardest…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Marching Band

    When I started high school, I knew that the only thing that I wanted to join was the school band. I knew that going into this I had to be a part of the marching band, but I did not quite understand what that entailed. The marching band was so much different that what I was used to coming out of middle school, but I have not regretted my choice to join once. When I began my junior year, I was made co-clarinet section leader with, someone who I considered my friend, Crystal, a senior at the time.…

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  • Marching Band Benefits

    United States (“Musicians and Singers”). Meanwhile, there are about 35,000 high schools in the country with bands ranging from 20 to 400 members (“High School”). This difference in numbers does not constitute the amount of musicians there are in the nation, let alone the world. Many musically inclined individuals begin to prosper in high school band, which then leads to the overall passion for music. Aside from this passion, being involved in such programs has additional benefits to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Marching Band At Cherokee County

    amazing programs or good representatives at events. All this changed when I joined the high school marching band. We practiced hard and worked without stopping. I soon realized that Cherokee County has pride in at least one program, their marching band. The building for our band lies beside our football field, the spectacle of the campus. The small band building looks small compared to the large field, but shines just as bright to those who understand its value. It’s brick exterior is painted…

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  • Penzville High School Marching Band Summary

    SUMMARY Phil Smith is the band director for the Penzville High School Marching Band. The band won this year’s regional band contest and they have been asked to march in the Magnolia Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day. Phil had put in considerable time and energy to turn this band around from just a few members into a full-size band. He sacrificed time away from his family and friends to improve the band. The band is the pride of the town of Penzville. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday.…

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  • Marching Band Research Paper

    Marching Band Playing in a marching band is fun. I get to go to home football games. Marching band involves learning the steps, memorizing the music, and learning the spots. Also I get to perform on the field and learn the steps. Marching band is my favorite thing to do because I love to perform and march on the field, it keeps me active, and I have fun doing marching band. I love to perform and march on the field. Also we perform music and moves on the field. We mark time,…

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