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  • What Is The Importance Of Female Relationships In A Thousand Splendid Suns

    However, if a daughter has no role model, she will be uninformed on the proper treatment for a child. Furthermore, Hagar grows up with an excessive amount of pride in her noble origin. She places an unnecessary amount of hope into her son John, believing he will continue on the tradition of the Currie pride. Hagar’s desire to rule John’s life leads to the loss of her son. The absence of a mother figure growing up, lead her father to dictate her life. As a result, Hagar tries to control her son’s life, following in her father’s controlling footsteps. When John tells his mother he is going to marry Arlene, his girlfriend, she objects to the idea of him marrying his true love. Hagar believes she will be unable “to hold up her head in town” (Laurence 199) if John marries Arlene. Once again, Hagar is merely focused on her own happiness rather than making sacrifices for her son’s happiness. Her incapability to recognize her stubborn behaviour is an indication of her lack of self-discovery. Moreover, a female is capable of learning proper motherly etiquette through the connection to other females. In desperate times, the action of a mother influences the daughter’s behaviour for similar circumstances. In A Thousand Splendid Sun, when Mariam recognizes desperation for food, she is willing to reach out to her unforgivable father for money. Mariam resembles a true mother figure; she is willing to put…

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  • Stereotypes In 'The Loons' By Margaret Laurence

    Stereotypical norms within society today play a vast yet unjust role in shaping individuals perspectives regarding diverse topics. While true that some individuals are informed to an extent so strong they are able to develop empathetic feelings regarding fragile topics easily, for the most part the majority of society is left in the dark, with only stereotypical knowledge, allowing for an individual 's resilience to develop mostly through empathy and maturity. Clearly evident in Margaret…

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  • True Nature And Nurture In The Half Husky By Margaret Laurence

    Who we truly are and who we are conditioned to be, despite being for the most part intertwined, tend to be incredibly different things. In the short story “The Half Husky”, written by Margaret Laurence, this topic, the topic of one’s true nature vs the nurture they receive, is thoroughly explored. Laurence suggests that despite the personality someone is born with, how they are raised and any significant early life trauma endured can later result in misplaced anger, devious behaviours, and a…

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  • Family In The Tempest

    One great writer by the name of Leo Tolstoy once wrote “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” In a similar light Shakespeare seems to have a similar view on family, if his plays are any reflection on his personal ideologies. As probably the most successful playwright in history, it is surprising to see that Shakespeare’s plays were not too different from each other. Once broken up into the there four genres, the tragedies are alike, the comedies are alike…

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  • Essay On Decisiveness In Romeo And Juliet

    Based on her thoughts, and the effect it has on others, the reader can come to the conclusion that decisiveness is truly a prominent trait. In Act Four, Juliet takes up the offer to drink a poison concocted by Friar Laurence. However, the poison isn’t deadly, it just puts Juliet in a coma-like state. As Shakespeare remarks, “Shall, stiff and stark and cold, appear like death. And in this borrow'd likeness of shrunk death Thou shalt continue two and forty hours”(4.1.106-108). Friar Laurence and…

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  • Theme Of Illusion And Reality In Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare’s comedies have always had a distinct subtext of tragedy as shown in Twelfth Night. It teeters on the brink of tragedian literature similar to his tragedies, such as Hamlet, through the ambiguity of the main characters and unfinished resolutions. Comedies are generally morally clear- the villains and heroes are clearly defined. Twelfth Night’s characters have a layer of ambiguity stemming from their use of illusion in the form of mistaken identity. A central theme of the…

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  • Love In Shakespeare's Othello And The Merchant Of Venice

    The settings of each of Shakespeare’s plays play a huge role in the plot and the play as a whole. For example, in Othello, the play starts off in Venice but takes place in Cyprus for a majority of the play. The people of Venice were mostly white, so Othello was definitely an outcast. If it weren’t for his position in the military and his service in the war, he more than likely would have been criticized by the Venetian people. When the setting shifts to Cyprus, known for its love, the love…

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  • The Presence Of The Supernatural In Hamlet

    The presence of the supernatural is in The Tragedy of Macbeth, is common like the one to The of Tragedy Hamlet. Hamlet and Macbeth were both pressured into going against the natural social order that they lived in; Hamlet had the heavy task to cast justice with his own young hands, at the request of his deceased father. Macbeth was told his fate by three witches; as well was haunted by the ghost of Banqo. The presence of the supernatural influenced both of the actions of Macbeth and Hamlet. The…

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  • Analysis Of What's Love Got To Do With It

    What 's Love Got to Do With It The masculinity of a man for centuries means considerably more than just strength, when in contracts to the femininity of a woman. Men have deconstructed women by their vulnerability of emotions and thus using their masculinity to inflict abuse against women. How this old perplexing distinction of manipulative abuse is utilized by men, will have an important role to play when using an eye- to- eye perspective leads in abusive relationships and self-discovery. …

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  • Brutus Caesar Funeral Speech Analysis

    Words can be very manipulative and persuasive, if used right, they can be used to get people to feel different emotions and make people do things. But also, they can be used to make people do things that they might not have ever done without hearing that speaker say what they said to them. Rhetorical and literary devices are included when people are trying to persuade and manipulate people to more effectively change peoples minds. In certain situations, this can lead to really bad endings and…

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