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  • Chivalric Imagery In Peter C. Herman's Henry IV

    Peter C. Herman who has a PHD in English and comparative literature, starts off his essay by explaining the transition of the power from Henry VII to Henry VIII. Herman, as described throughout his essay to the readers, describes Henry VIII implementation of chivalric imagery to be a successful king over his father’s idea of leaving the court the same. I agree with Herman’s suggestion, that Henry VIII implementing of Chivalric Imagery is what made him a better king than his father as ill discuss in depth. Henry VII, after winning the civil battle against Richard III, main concern was holding on to his political power after the war ended. Henry decided that the court be ran as it had previously before so he could gain popular consent of the court and its people. After gaining the favor of the people and receiving the crown, the rest of his reign as Henry the VII rested upon keeping parliament the same. Henry used history as justification of claiming the throne, thus Herman’s incorporation of the pageant at Worcester in 1486. The verses depict Henry II blood line gaining control once again in the future. “This same is the fulfiller of the profecye”. (The pageant at Worcester, 1486). Thus, the reasoning for Henry VII naming one of his son’s Arthur. Henry chose not to be a spectate in public ceremonies, for that’s not how he wanted to be seen from the public. Henry didn’t think it was right or proper, so he avoided chivalric imagery. Chivalric imagery is displaying knightly…

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  • Six Feet Under Analysis

    In the series Six Feet Under, the underlying color scheme is muted and cold. The strategic use of color in the series coincides with the underlying theme of death throughout the show. The first instance of the dark color scheme is shown during the show’s theme song, in the theme song there are many items that appear in gray, brown, and white colors. The flowers in the opening song of the show start off with bright green and pink colors, which quickly turn to dark brown dull colors as the flowers…

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  • Commentary On Maya Vasquez´s How To Get Away With Murder

    The show opens with a fast forward to the final episode of the season, similar to season one of How to Get Away with Murder (Robinson, 2015). A station wagon is seen flying down a dirt road and we see the three main characters (who are inside the car) looking behind them in a panic. Without any further context it will cut to the opening credit sequence which are panoramic shots of New Mexico, inspired by the opening scene of chapter 39 of House of Cards (Buchman, 2015). In the pilot episode, the…

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  • Being Mary Jane Essay

    In this paper, I am focusing on the hit show television BET show called Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union who is Portraying as, Mary Jane Patterson, born as Pauletta Patterson in Atlanta, Ga. Mary Jane is a successful black woman, in her field as television news anchor on Primetime. Mary Jane is closely connected with her family, but has a hard time finding true love. She struggles day to day with outside obstacles that sometimes affects her workplace. But she manages to balance her life between…

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  • Tudor England Film Analysis

    The rise of Fascism and the Second World War made a profound impact upon historical films on Tudor England. This essay will show this through an analysis of the appropriate films and scholarly literature that exists. It will begin by discussing how film studios in Britain and ‘Hollywood’ begun using historical films on Tudor England to portray an anti-Nazi sentiment to a wide audience. It will become evident that some film studios during this period did not wish to cause offence, and…

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  • Why Is Queen Elizabeth 1 Important

    Queen Elizabeth I worked hard to keep her place. She was known for supporting her people, this is why she was trusted. Queen Elizabeth I was a very important queen that accomplished many things and changed life for many people. Elizabeth Tudor was a very intelligent child. First of all Elizabeth was born on September 7th, 1533 in Greenwich, England. Her parents were Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. She had about six different mothers (Queen Elizabeth I Biography). Her father, Henry VIII beheaded her…

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  • The Tudor Period: Religious Change And Reformation

    Question 1: Theme: Religious Change and reformation The Tudor period is often known for its religious changes. Religion was changed dramatically through the Tudor period from Catholicism to Henry Catholicism to Protestantism to Catholicism to Protestantism. With each new monarch to the throne, England was on edge as to what the new religion would be. The foundations that led to such a change in religion began with the reigns of the two Tudor Henrys. Through the Henrys, the religious power began…

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  • Elizabeth Tudor: Queen Of The Golden Age

    seems unrealistic to imagine their lives. For so many, history is just a list of facts and dates. If people were to really look closely at history they can learn about people, who were just like us, even though they lived in an entirely different era. To be able to connect to someone that lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, in a completely different world is utterly amazing. History affects our past, present, and eventually our future. Now take a moment to think of what life was like back…

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  • Marriage Relationships In Tudor Political Drama By Winkelman

    Marriage Relationships in Tudor Political Drama looks at court dramas from Tudor England (1485 - 1603) to put together a historical account on political theatre. Winkelman argues that “court interludes constituted a vital medium for interventionist advocacy about matrimony.” (201) He takes Tudor marriages as his main point of study to discern the role of court productions in influencing politics. Winkelman believes that theatrical productions correspond with the political concerns of the time so…

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  • How Did King Henry Viii Rise To Power

    ” As ruler, Henry’s foreign policy interests were centered in Western Europe, specifically Spain and France, as well as the Holy Roman Empire. Henry had family ties to all three nations, his wife was the daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon, his sister Mary was married to Louis XII of France, and his wife Catherine’s nephew was the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V . His alliances with these nations shifted however. However it was the second half of Henry’s reign that left a prominent mark on England.…

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