Marfan syndrome

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  • Marfan Syndrome Research Paper

    In philosophy, an often debated question involves whether or not the dead can be “wronged”. Slander is mostly agreed to be wrong, regardless of the character of the dead. However, could genetic testing have the same result? One great example is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln fascinated physicians because of his remarkable stature (6’, 4”) which has been possibly linked to Marfan syndrome. Abraham Lincoln was unusually tall as a child and his extremities were disproportionately to his overall height; his leanness varied from (160 to 180 lbs.) all signs that lead to the suggestion of Marfan [8]. Marfan syndrome is passed down in what resembles an autosomal dominant trait and affects ~0.03% of the population. These mutations (yes, there is more than…

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  • Marfan Syndrome

    Marfan syndrome was named after the founder, Antoine Marfan in 1896, the syndrome is a genetic disorder of connective tissue. Individuals who are diagnosed with Marfan syndrome typically have lengthened limbs; they are tall and thin with long arms and legs. This disease can either be mildly or severely life threatening, depending on the individual. Marfan Syndrome is caused by a defect, or mutation, in the gene that determines the structure of fibrillin-1, a protein that is an important…

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  • Marfan Syndrome Essay

    doctor." Marfan Syndrome Marfan syndrome and related disorders affect the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue holds the body together and plays a role in its growth and development. This disorder can affect many parts of the body since connective tissue is found all over the body. Bones, joints, eye, skin, lungs, the heart and blood vessels are few of the body parts Marfan syndrome affects. Marfan syndrome is caused by a mutation in a gene called the fibrillin gene. This mutation…

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  • Essay On Marfan Syndrome

    Marfan Syndrome is a disease causing effects to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, lungs, bones and joints. Other parts of the body which can be affected are the hands, chest, torso and the length or tallness. For those who play sports this disease can end their careers. Due to the pressure around the heart, lungs and blood vessels heavy activity is could lead to death. I chose this topic because I was tested for Marfan Syndrome due to large hands which are referred to as basket hands and for…

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  • Rhett Disease Case Study

    disabilities, what sickle cell does in children with neurodevelopment disorders, and what psychiatric disorders and down syndrome does in adolescents and young adults. This paper will only contain abstracts of my own doings for each journal I have obtained for this study. I will not be going into depth with every single disorder that is within a neurodevelopment disorder such as Mendelsohn’s Syndrome or…

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  • Adrienne Bashista Speech

    The speaker Adrienne Bashista gave a very insightful speech about what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is and how it is caused. Before our speaker told us about her son, I had very little knowledge about what FASD was. I now realize how severe FASD is and how even the slightest consumption of alcohol can affect a fetus during pregnancy. I became aware that FASD is a rare syndrome that only 2 to 5 percent of the population have. This statistic surprised me due to a large amount of woman who may drink when…

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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Book Analysis

    In 2012, a survey assessing children born in 2004 discovered that 1 in 68 children had been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (CDC). This statistic shows how unlikely it would be for someone to go their entire life without meeting at least one person diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Yet despite these high numbers, autistic individuals are rarely present in modern media. There are few books and movies that depict autistic characters, and those that do often use the disorder as…

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  • Stockholm Syndrome In Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast

    characters are not perfect. In fact, in one of Walt Disney’s most iconic films, Beauty and the Beast, one of the characters suffers from a psychological disorder that baffles even the most trained psychologists, Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which victims of captivity or hostage situations…

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  • Mission Of Core Services

    Core Services of Northeast Tennessee serve to create a more inclusive community for their clients, individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. The passionate staff create a safe environment for their clients to come and learn, be included in the community, and learn to be empowered individuals. The mission of the Core Services is as follows: We are committed to empowering people with intellectual disabilities to live a shared vision of a valued life in connection with…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Freaks

    One of the most callous attributes of the American society over the past two centuries would be the mistreatment and judgment of “freaks” or people with disabilities. While this cruel treatment and hatred for disabled people has almost entirely vanished, it used to be a very common social norm as these freaks were treated as second-class citizens. Tod Browning’s notorious film “Freaks” accurately depicted these common ideologies of the early twentieth century, in addition to provoking new…

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