Gasol Brothers Character Analysis

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Every time the NBA season ends, there is always a frequently asked question, which Gasol brother played better this season? People even take several polls on the internet, and it’s always back and forth. Marc and Pau Gasol are two of the premier post players in the NBA. However, people often confuse them because of their size and low post scoring, even though they are extremely diverse. In this article, The Gasol Brothers, basketball fans will find out how to easily identify the two from one another.

The skill Marc and Pau have the most in common is their offense. Playing thirteen years in the NBA, Pau is tremendously experienced. He also has tons of experience in the Spanish league. He can score up to forty points each night, but only if his team needs him to score that much. More of a back to the basket scorer, he gets quality offensive put backs and gets easy to draw fouls. He doesn’t face up much, but his veteran post
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Since he is so old, it’s hard to say he would win the competition, but his communication is flawless. He still hustles has hard as he can and gets at least one block per game. But for Marc, he is great at defense, leading in blocks for his team and playing the best defense of his career. He averages about two blocks per game, and plays some of the best team defense of today’s game. In rebounding, Pau’s numbers have not declined with age, and have gone up with his 2014-2015 rejuvenation year. He has gone up in offensive rebounding dramatically, and defensive by one rebound. He’s also averaged twelve rebounds for his whole career. Compared to other big men, Pau is not a spectacular put back player, because it’s not necessary. He is wise enough to not use his athleticism, instead he uses his timing and IQ to get those rebounds. Marc is stronger and taller, averaging nine rebounds a game and also averaging three put backs a game, which is the most in his

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