Marble sculpture

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  • Sperlonga Sculptures Analysis

    The Sperlonga sculptures are four sculptural groups that were discovered in 1957 in a grotto on the coast between Naples and Rome. The location is believed to have been a villa that belonged to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, and it is suggested that the grotto was used for social events. At some point the sculptures were shattered, likely by a rock fall , making their reconstruction a difficult process. It is unknown exactly when the sculptures were created, however, it is commonly accepted that Tiberius himself was responsible for their installation. While the date and origins of the Sperlonga sculptures are debated, they exemplify the style of late Hellenistic baroque. This point will be argued by comparing the Sperlonga sculptural groups to The Dying Gaul which is a commonly accepted example of late Hellenistic baroque. It is…

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  • Essay On Cycladic Figure

    Stone sculpture, as a medium, dates back to as early as 25,000 BCE and continued on as a popular form of artwork throughout history, continuing into modern times. Thus, the breadth of selection for pieces to compare is vast; however, the Cycladic “standing” female figure and a Grecian statue of Aphrodite stand out as being two sculptures that both display a shift in the medium of stone sculpture and in art history as a whole. The “standing” female figure is a smaller piece done in the Cycladic…

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  • Kickstarter Project

    the “Fidget cube”, and the second project is called “Superb Wooden Marble Run”. I will be explaining these in the following paragraphs. First let 's start with the Superb Wooden Marble Run. This is there first project to ever start on and are hoping for a great outcome in there project with lots of backers and potential funding for their project to take off. Their goal is to reach $31,852 dollars. The inventor of this project is named Nicki…

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  • Apollo The Python Slayer Analysis

    Praxiteles. After the purchase, questions arose regarding the authenticity of the museum’s claims as well as the murky history of how this piece was procured and how it was found in Germany in the 1980’s. Scholars agree that Apollo is ancient, but are irresolute of the label the sculpture should don. Two arguments sprung from the display of this sculpture; one opinion is for the continuation of attributing the sculpture to Praxiteles due to most evidence supporting the museum’s statements. The…

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  • The Importance Of Parthenon In Greece

    components including a cluster of buildings on the highest elevation of the territory, and it served as a fortress for protection as well as the center of worship for the patron god or goddess. The layout is extremely functional, and dually purposive. The location, on a hill or mountain, allows a far view of approaching enemies, as well as the opportunity to possible reach the ear of the patron god since it was the closest structure to the Heavens. The Parthenon is the most famous example of an…

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  • Flavius Agricola Analysis

    The Funerary Monument of Flavius Agricola is a Roman marble piece by Antonine that is now on display in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The sculpture was first found in 1626 under the floor of the Vatican when Bernini’s famous altar was being put up. After the monument was found, it was added to the collection of Cardinal Bernini. In the sculpture, Flavius Agricola is laid out in a semi relaxed position on what appears to be the lid of a coffin that has had a high back and a high side at his…

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  • Michelangelo: Famous Piece Of Art

    Michelangelo’s first famous piece of art was his sculpture of Mary and Jesus, otherwise known as Piet¬¬à. It was made in 1500 CE, and during this time it was very rare to see multi-figured sculptures. Made from one single piece of marble and standing at 5’8/12” (1.74 m) this piece of art is truly a masterpiece. This piece made Michelangelo famous for many reasons, at the young age of 25 he was already set out to be one of the greatest artists not only of his time but of all time, because of his…

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  • Marble Statue Of An Old Woman Analysis

    Prof. Mieke Bahmer ART 100 October 8th, 2015 Marble Statue of an Old Woman The Marble Statue of an Old Woman is a Roman copy of a Hellenistic statue made somewhere in between fourteen to sixty eight A.D by the artist Julio-Claudian. The Marble statue of an old woman is also known as “The Old Market Woman”. It is a stone statue made from Pentelic and marble. The Marble Statue of an Old Woman is believed to represent an old but proud woman on her way to the festival of Dionysus. The festival of…

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  • Gian David Bernini Analysis

    Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a sculpture unlike any sculpture before him. The episode, The Power of Art, illustrates examples of his sculptures and his work as an architect. Bernini was able to carve so much depth and so much emotion out of a single piece of marble. The world had never seen such movement and play out from a sculptures and Bernini had revolutionized a new way in the world of sculpting. The accounts of Bernini’s life are based from a biography written by Filippo Baldinucci, who…

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  • Similarities In Tourists II

    Duane Hanson's Tourists II is an expression of modern contemporary realism that has Roman Classical values and little Greek values. Tourists II displays ordinary tourists of the day, with their cameras, travel bags, collar shirts, and watches. There is no idealization in the photo, it is simply a conviction of what the stereotypical tourist looks like. Similarly, Classical Roman style focused on real people, they were realistic and not idealized, unlike the Greek art values. Greek art values…

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