Greek art

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  • Art Styles In Greek Art

    Greek Art started at the end of the Dark Ages around 900 B.C.E. was the beginning of beautiful creations and presentations of art. Separated by periods, the Geometric, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Periods I will briefly describe the different art styles within these periods. Starting with the Geometric Period, at 900 to 700 B.C.E. an art style created using geometric patterns with representation and repetition in its shapes. Painting on vases were most common and used as storage devices for wine or oil, as prize trophies for athletic activities, and burial markers. Later abstract patterns of animals and people appeared but still in the geometric form. This would lead us into the Archaic Period where the art took a more realistic approach.…

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  • Greek Art

    All forms of arts serve as means of expression of the human 's’ inner feelings and desires. In actuality, people have the freedom to express their opinions, judgments, and even the darkest desires in any way they wished. However, some people tend to call any type of expression as art. The reason for this is that the word “art” justifies, in a sense, some corruptive and useless artist works. Although I am in favor of almost all types of artworks, there should be a regulative system which…

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  • Aphrodite In Greek Art

    With the Roman Empire 's borders expanding and engulfing all of their enemies, a mixture of cultures and individual ideas creates the first hub of the ancient world. The spread of ideas such as religion and language not only benefitted the Roman Empire but the conquered nations as well. Along with prosperity in trade and economics, comes the enhance of Roman art. One such location that particularly benefitted from this spread of ideas was the Villas of Oplontis. This collection of two villas…

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  • Greek Art Influence On Western Art

    Art and particularly Western Art is being inspired and is a response to its past or to another culture: there is a continuous inspiration and exchange creating new art movement and works. This habit is quite old and existed even during the Greek archaic period: for exemple the Orientalizing style that from the VIII and VII century BC notable in Corinthian Greek poetry was a direct influence by Middle-Eastern art and style at the time (Cook, R.M., Dupont, P. 1998. East Greek Pottery. London:…

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  • Beautiful Body In Ancient Greek Art

    increase interest in social media may have accelerated the pace of change, but is does not change the substance of the question: what is a beautiful body? The primary focus of Ancient Greek art was that of the human body. Almost all of these sculptures are of nude men. A very common subject was the idealized male body. To Greeks one of the most favorable subject was that of the athlete, as it represented the ideal form. Throughout centuries the idea of beauty was…

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  • Idols In Ancient Greek Art

    symbol or as worthy of admiration. Idol, a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or cherish. Icons and Idols has been a huge influence on art during different periods of time. Two specific art periods that have produced artworks that Utilize the theme of icons and idols; are Ancient Greece and India. In these cultures, new techniques and skills were developed and many are still used today. These art periods were tremendously progressive in the creative times, and they both shared the…

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  • Greek Vs Byzantine Art Essay

    The Byzantine and Ancient Greek eras, two remarkable times in art history that share similarities but greatly differ from each other. The characteristics that they share is not the story behind the work or the meaning of it, but they share the same atmosphere and composition. As well as tones, and textures. In some cases, pieces from these two periods can be confused to be created by the same artist on the same era. Just as they share similarities, they have distinguished differences that makes…

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  • Essay On Classical Civilization Vs Greek Art

    THESIS STATEMENT: Ideas, institutions, and arts are the building blocks of the ancient civilizations that have impacted the development of the world. The classical time period was an epoch of change and a transition from isolated societies, composed mostly of hunting and gathering, into vast empires. This classical time of ever changing religious and philosophies ideas will greatly impact the growth and development of the world for years to come. Greece and Rome are two of the five most…

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  • The Koeuroi: Statues In Greek Art

    The kouros and the kore were statues and sculptures in the Greek times. The kouroi were replicas of young males, which were always nude to represent “the conditioning and strength of the military forces of a particular polis.” (Sayre,53) The first kouroi had unique squared shoulders and hips and forward-facing legs which formed a since of movement. During the early 500’s the kouroi became more naturalistic and represented the human body more realistically, rather than their early forms in which…

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  • Minoan Snake Goddess Vs Aphrodite In Greek Art

    Within the history of art, there has been many comparisons with different type of artwork from different histories, but they all each had their similarity, yet differences because of the time era that they were in and what they were created for. Each artworks throughout the history all had a meaning behind them and sometime the meaning of each piece of art overlap with one another. The Minoan Snake Goddess and the Greek Aphrodite of Knidos have many features in common, but they also have other…

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