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  • Four Types Of Love In Ancient Greeks

    the English language the word “love” has a pretty straight forward meaning, but we use the word in many complicated ways. The same word you describe your wife with is the same word you would use when you’re talking about your favorite TV show. Even though we use the same word to describe the different levels of love the ancient Greeks was able distinguished four different words for love and each one has their own unique meaning: storge, philia, eros, and agape. The first type of love, storge, is the natural familial love. I believe we experience this type of love because it helps us connect with our immediate families and our immediate family are the people we meet first. When discussing the marks of a true Christian the Apostle Paul points…

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  • Unconditional Love In Poetry Essay

    beginning of time love has been expressed in different art forms. While the art form of poetry often has different themes such as life, death, relationships, and adventures. Many selections of poetry deal with the theme of love. For instance, all of the selected poetry had the theme of love. The idea of love can often be categorized into four categories: agape love, phileo love, storge love, and eros love. Although the types of love in the selected poetry can be described in many different ways,…

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  • Eros Love Style Analysis

    The Love Attitude Scale has reaffirmed my beliefs and attitudes on love and attaining a suitable partner. According to the Love Attitude Scoring results, my feelings fit the category of a Pragma best. The Pragma is described as someone who does not seek romance or affairs but love out of friendship and would make a suitable partner to build a life with (King 310). I found myself agreeing with many of the Pragma characteristics on choosing a partner who would fit into future expectations in…

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  • Five Finger Death Punch: Poem Analysis

    I picked this song for a couple of different reasons. For one, it has to mean with Agape and Philia love. Also, I love Five Finger Death Punch. But before you read this look up the music video on YouTube and watch it. Pretty much, in short, this is dedicated to our veterans and soldiers fighting for our country. It has Agape and Philia love. But there is also something else in there that we have not talked about yet, which is confusion. I will start with Agape. Agape is unconditional divine…

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  • Love In The Bible

    Love is a complicated and resilient matter, existing in all things since the Lord created the heavens and the Earth. However, the proper ways to love would be following Jesus 's commands to always love one another regardless of race or background because everyone values love, love shapes what 's good and in the Bible there are three different and enduring kinds of love: Eros, Agape and Philos. The first love is exponentially described in the Bible - Eros love. This specific kind of love is based…

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  • Love In C. S. Lewis Till We Have Faces

    understood, it is love. Love can be that rush of euphoria when someone comes around the corner, or it can be the deep connection one feels for the ones that have been around them nearly their whole life. But overarchingly, love is known as the reason to live. Many books and movies implement love into their texts, as it enhances the book’s plot and hold peoples’ attention. However, books rarely show different contrasting types of love, like selfish or selfless love, instead they concentrate on…

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  • Eros And Caritas Research Paper

    One must understand that the unified front of eros and agape love, body and soul, is the path to the realization of ones self and his capability to love others and god. When the two are united eros is matured and can practice its authentic purpose. We are then lead to the term ‘Caritas’. Early theories of Christianity raised the questions of ones motivation behind evangelising god’s love. The selfish practice of showing love to reach salvation was a concept acted out. The church retained the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Those Winter Sundays

    In a father to child relationship, there is a deep and complicated love. A relationship between a father and child has a special bond because of the love and affection for one another. Fathers are the foundation to a structured family. However, there are times when a relationship turns unhealthy or bad because there is no understanding, a lack of communication, and a feeling of distance. In “Those Winter Sundays,” by Robert Hayden, and “Why I went to College,” by Martin Espada, each poem…

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  • Agape And Eros Love In Martin Luther King's Pilgrimage To Nonviolence

    Agape and Eros Love In Martin Luther King’s Pilgrimage to Nonviolence he lectures about his theory that he believes would be successful in dealing with the world’s problems. He mentions different leaders who have inspired him to believe in the peaceful, non violent method and he explains the benefits of that theory. Near the end he mentions six basic aspects of this philosophy in which the fifth aspect talks about the three kinds of love, agape, philia, and eros. These kinds of love were put…

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  • Theme Of Love In The Scarlett Letter

    Love is a complicated emotion. Most people think that love is a feeling that comes from the heart, but it actually comes from the brain. There are different kinds of love in the world and different ways to express each kind. The brain generates chemical signals to help individuals to understand love. In order for people to understand these symbols, the ancient Greeks came up with the four terms: Eros, storge, agape, and philia to describe the four types of love. Each of these types of love is…

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