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  • Green Bay Packers History

    Green Bay Packers Intro The Green Bay Packers are from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay is one of the longest living football teams. This was kind of recent, but Jayrone Elliott helped out at schools and was very kind to the children of that school, in doing so he was nominated for the Walter Payton award. The Walter Payton award is, an award that honors both your field work, and your involvement in the community. History One thing incredible about the Packers, is that the trophy for the super bowl was named after one of the head coaches (Vince Lombardi) for Green Bay which I find quite interesting. They used to be called Green Bay, until their first sponsors (a meat packing company) sponsored them in a game, one of the employees became the…

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  • Green Bay Packers: NFL Team

    Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers. I’m going to tell you some information about the Green Bay Packers. They were the first to become an actual NFL team. They started playing real games in the tournament on August 27th, 1921. Review by: Nathaniel 1/26 at 8:33 a.m. The Green Bay Packers, the most storied franchise in the National Football League, were made or organized on August 11th, 1919. Green Bay was a powerhouse from the first time the team set foot on the field. When the Packers did their…

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  • Green Bay Packers Research Paper

    Do you have a favorite football team? I’m sure you do. My favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers. Did you know the Packers won the very first Super Bowl in NFL history with one of the greatest coaches in football history Vince Lombardi. After that day they won they named the Super Bowl trophy after him, they call it the Lombardi trophy. There is a lot of reasons you should be a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase…

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  • Diversity In Green Bay

    What is diversity Diversity refers to the way everyone is different from each other. Many things attribute to people being diverse from each other which may include race, gender or religion, for example. The total population for Green Bay is 104,057. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the city of Green Bay, with a mixture of all races varying in amounts throughout the city. These people vary from caucasian, black, asian and hispanic with all of them contributing to the city to make it…

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  • Fox River Case Study

    Through going up in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin, there has always been a topic that has continuously appeared and disappeared. That is the condition of the Fox River, throughout my childhood I was never able to fully use the river to swim or fish within. That is because of the dangerously high levels of pollution that are within the water. The river has been found to have 209 chemicals found in a study by Sharon A. Fitzgerald and Jeffrey J. Steuer. Throughout my studies, I have found great…

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  • Green Bay Internship Report

    as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff at Green Bay City Hall. I worked this job until the middle of February. This was probably my favorite internship because I was assigned to do so many different tasks and assignments. I had done some things for the city where I could see the end result and things I did were brought in at a couple of city council meetings. Dr. David Helpap originally told me to apply for the internship at City Hall. He gave me the right information and I went in for an interview…

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  • Lambeau Leap Persuasive Essay

    Should the Lambeau Leap be banned? The Lambeau Leap began on December 26, 1993 (Chris Chase). LeRoy Butler (former Green Bay Packer) forces a fumble, picks up the ball and runs a touchdown for twenty-five yards (Chris Chase). With excitement, LeRoy Butler leaps into the arms of happy Green Bay Packer fans at Lambeau Stadium. From this moment, the tradition of The Lambeau Leap starts (Chris Chase). This tradition allows Packer fans to interact with the player who fight each and every Sunday…

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  • Wisconsin State Capital Case Study

    It was chosen to be the state motto in 1851. The famous motto gives belief to the citizens for their state and their future. The story goes that the wisconsin state motto was chosen at a meeting between govern Dewey, and Edward Ryan. Apparently Ryan and Dewey were sitting in front of a wall street bank and spontaneously designed the seal and selected the Wisconsin motto right then and there. Sports Team: Green Bay Packers The Green Bay Packers arguably the most storied franchise in the…

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  • Lambeau Field: Marketing Campaign Analysis

    game. The majority of those attending games at Lambeau Field are Packers fans. With the Green Bay Packers being from Wisconsin, and more specifically from Brown County, a huge amount of people attending Lambeau Field for a football game will be from Wisconsin. This will be a good group to keep targeting, because those coming from out of state will have other expenses along with the game ticket. For behavior motivation of the fans, it will be important to target those who want to see their…

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  • Green Bay Packers Case Study

    The Green Bay Packers are currently short in talent at wide receiver with starter Jordy Nelson out for the season with a torn ACL. Their other wideout, five-year pro Randall Cobb, is also hurting, but he is reportedly keen on playing for Mike McCarthy on week 1 against the Chicago Bears. The 25-year-old Cobb, who suffered a shoulder sprain during the Packers third preseason game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, is officially listed at LP (Limited Participation in Practice) but he vowed not to…

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