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  • Eros Love Style Analysis

    Prior to taking the assessment I predicted that his approach would be best categorize as an Eros, like myself but also show characteristics similar to a Mania. Together, this individual would be best described as passionate both with physical touch and with affection but demonstrate signs of possessiveness and jealousy in their partner. The results proved that his love style is best described as a combination of an Eros and Agape. I was not surprised that we both shared a similar love style, the Eros, since we share similar values in terms of relationships. I was however shocked by the difference in our results. He scored high in many categories with minimal point differences between different categories. We have always been very different and this survey proved that we have different views in relationships and the type of love we exhibit. I believe that we are a good match, I do not think that our different perspectives will impact our relationship but instead will create a…

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  • Four Types Of Love Essay

    love at first sight or the kind we read about in romance novels. The second style is obsessive love with consist of strong sexual attraction and emotional intensity, extremely jealous in mood swings alternating between them and ecstasy and despair. In this style one’s partner can become obsessive, began to stalk, and use threats of violence. The third style Playful love or Ludus focuses on Sex as a recreation, the enjoyment of many sexual partners rather than concentrating on one serious…

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  • Eros And Caritas Research Paper

    One must understand that the unified front of eros and agape love, body and soul, is the path to the realization of ones self and his capability to love others and god. When the two are united eros is matured and can practice its authentic purpose. We are then lead to the term ‘Caritas’. Early theories of Christianity raised the questions of ones motivation behind evangelising god’s love. The selfish practice of showing love to reach salvation was a concept acted out. The church retained the…

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  • Different Types Of Love In Romeo And Juliet Essay

    There are six different types of love that are seen in the modern day world and olden days; There is familial love, which is the love that one has for their family. Romantic love is the love someone possesses for their spouse. Unrequited love is a love that an individual feels for someone who doesn't feel that same way in return. Platonic love means the feeling that friends have for eachother. Spiritual love is the love that people have for the God that they serve, and last but not least…

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  • The Love Of Jesus Research Paper

    When we dive back into the original Greek, we come to find the use of two different kinds of love. In the Greek language there are several different kinds of love, each having its own word, but each kind of love is often translated back into English simply as the same word, "love." The two words used in this passage are "agapeo" and "phileo." Agape love is the love of God. It 's an unconditional, unmatched, unselfish love that comes from The Lord. It 's the strongest love there is- one that…

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  • My Interpersonal Communication Class

    of the biggest things that I learned is how I deal with conflict. Before taking this class I had no idea that there were different type of lover. I just thought everyone had there own way of loving. There are six types of lovers. There is Ludus lover. Ludus lovers don’t take love to seriously. There are Storge lovers. They lack passion and intensity in the relationship. Then there are mania lovers. Mania lovers experience a lot of highs and lows in there relationships. Next are Pragma lovers.…

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  • Theme Of Pyramus And Thisbe And Romeo And Juliet

    Have you ever desired to have something or someone so intensely that you would do anything to have it? For example, in the movie Shrek, Shrek had a desire for Princess Fiona so deeply that he did anything and everything to be with her. Well, when I think about love and what a person would do for love two stories come to mind, and they are "Pyramus and Thisbe" by Ovid and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. These characters in the story have many obstacles, barriers, and limitation that…

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  • Christianity And The Purpose Of Christian Life

    life, the Christian life. According to the bible it is to glorify God and the enjoyment of him forever. It’s our belief in Jesus based on the life and teaching of Jesus, relating to the qualities and spirit of Jesus especially in showing concerns of others. In the ideal world Christianity is taught as children, through songs and stories of the bible. The very first song I learned as a child was “Jesus loves”. Growing up all I ever heard from my grandfather was Jesus loves me, and I’m to love all…

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  • Strauch's Agape Leadership

    In Strauch’s biography “Agape Leadership”, we learn about the life of R.C. Chapman, a well-respected man who held a reputation for Christlike love and deep-rooted faith. As a result of the way he exhibited Christ, Chapman influenced hundreds of people for the gospel and thousands of people respected and admired him. Strauch describes Chapman’s method of Christian education perfectly within the title of his book: “agape”. Agape is a word that the early Christian’s created to describe the type of…

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  • The Importance Of Being Ernest

    People say love is a feeling that one could describe in many ways. A person can love someone for his/her looks, personality, sense of humor, how fit he/she is--but when does his name become a factor of if one loves another or not? Writer Owen Wilson claims “Love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another.” One does not typically prefer to date someone with the name John, rather than Dylan, for example. Usually, a person will say a name does not matter when it comes to loving…

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