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  • Eros Love Style Analysis

    The Love Attitude Scale has reaffirmed my beliefs and attitudes on love and attaining a suitable partner. According to the Love Attitude Scoring results, my feelings fit the category of a Pragma best. The Pragma is described as someone who does not seek romance or affairs but love out of friendship and would make a suitable partner to build a life with (King 310). I found myself agreeing with many of the Pragma characteristics on choosing a partner who would fit into future expectations in regards to career and family. I was not surprised with these results since I consider many factors before committing into a relationship. Although the Pragma was the dominant love style, the Eros did not fall behind with only one point difference. I was able to identify with some of these features of the Eros love style. I agreed with how this style…

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  • Style, Techniques And Structure In Duong Thu Huong's Paradise Of The Blind

    Style, Technique, and Structure in Paradise of the Blind Often in novels the author 's use of style, technique, and structure create a greater meaning in the novel. In Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong, uses these things in tandem to emphasize Hang’s journey to find her own individual purpose. Flashbacks to family situations and traditional events, the contrast in setting between Russia and Hanoi, and the use of a circular writing, symbols, and setting, Huong establishes the theme that…

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  • Twelfth Night Monologue Analysis

    effect or laying emphasis on a given point discussed when there are no expectations of real answers. The rhetorical questions may have obvious answers, but the questioners ask these questions to lay emphasis on given points. From the monologue, Malvolio asks, ‘do you come near me now?’ This question is rhetorical because Malvolio does not expect an answer. Nevertheless, this question is intended to create an emphasis or a questionable atmosphere on the questioned. Rhetorical questions are…

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  • Compare And Contrast Catcher In The Rye And Their Eyes Were Watching God

    dialect, writing style, and theme. The novels address a clear theme of sexuality in two growing characters, as they explain their stories and lives throughout the course of the book’s journey. Both books take a very serious and stylistic approach to the topics of dialect and writing style. It is noticeable in the first few pages of both that the authors have clear intentions of creating a novel that is not only sound and verbose, but shapes the language around the characters and the world. In…

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  • Point Of View In Hamlet's Soliloquy '

    other people and tell their life style and story and not his life style and story, so he makes Hamlet up and basically tells everything through Hamlet, so he wouldn’t have to tell all of his business. In Hamlet he tells a lot about his feelings and his feelings towards this girl and his father’s marriage because he probably wants everyone to know how love is and how parents shouldn’t…

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  • Chekhov Lady With The Little Dog Analysis

    As a writer, Anton Chekhov composes his stories in a style that is appealing to his readers. He writes utilizing a particular writing aesthetic upon which he set forth six principles that make up a good story. Some of those principles include: the absence of lengthy verbiage, total objectivity, extreme brevity, compassion, and truthful descriptions of characters and objects. One of Chekhov's fundamentals when it comes to writing a good story is fleeing the stereotype. His “impressionism was seen…

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  • Three Wise Men Tone Analysis

    For example, Eggers uses a different tone when describing Mae’s infatuation and love for The Circle, but casts a different tone while portraying Mercer’s disdain with the company’s level of power and all of the trauma it’s caused. While Mae is at work, she loves the fast paced work and the fact that there’s always something going on. While outside of the circle and work Mae comes home or goes kayaking, and the tone shifts. Mae begins to enjoy the steady calm waters, and enjoy lounging around her…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 1 Analysis

    replenishing themselves with dietary needs. According to Foster’s How to Read Novels Like a Professor, “...first sentence...It establishes the main family of the novel…” (24). With that in mind, Remarque has already implied that the time frame should be around a place of war: “We are at rest five miles behind the front” (1). Remarque starts to embed the struggle between the boys and the the war place. Bases off of the first page, Remarque had implied the war corruption of society. Eventually,…

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  • Marcel Proust Narrative

    He states, “I must tell you a story – there are so many, and so many – stories of childhood, stories of school, love, marriage, death and so on” (Woolf, 238). These stories that he tell become the subject of the novel till its end. The form gives memory a completely different character then the beginning of the novel because of the way that these stories are described. Instead of being established as a fact of a childhood life, memory instead is characterized by being a story, a fictional story…

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  • Reflection Of Steve Jobs's Speech To Stanford University Graduates

    losing the focus of his entire adult life was, as he described “devastating”. The syntax of his speech, and this moment in particular, allowed the audience to become emotionally engaged with Jobs, feeling a sense of sympathy. The best example of his casual diction in his speech, is when he tells the audience “ Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it” (Jobs 114). Jobs used topics and words that…

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