Low-carbon fuel standard

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  • Immigration Into Canada

    Climate change is warming up the Earth and impacted Canada. From 1948 to 2013, the average temperature in Canada has warmed up by 1.6°C. This has increased winter and spring temperatures significantly and will continue to change substantially. Climate change has substantially increased due to human causes such as burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This enhances the greenhouse effect, where gases like carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere and is prevented from leaving the Earth. These gases trap heat and begin to warm up the Earth. Climate change can affect ecosystems, economies and communities. It can cause extreme weather conditions like droughts or major rain storms and is an issue that needs to be dealt…

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  • The Controversial Issue Of Climate Change In Canada

    level, governments have taken different approaches to deal with climate change. For instance, governments have used economic incentives such as carbon taxes and subsidies for hybrid cars to encourage less demand on use of CO2 emitters. Furthermore, governments have passed regulations like cap-and-trade, to control GHG emissions (Ing, 2016). In an international context, climate change has been addressed through conferences such as the Kyoto Protocol or the COP 15 at Copenhagen. In 2015, the Paris…

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  • Case Study Of Moana Ola

    This means that New Zealand’s domestic greenhouse gas emisisons will be reduced in working towards the proposed 2030 commitment. The INDC indicator should be achieved through prioritising sustainable health and fair policies, that promotes further renewable energy generation and transform key sectors to build a resilient, healthy and decarbonised economy by 2050. Agricultural greenhouse pollutants must also reduce through agricultural diversification then technology. Moana Ola proposes that…

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  • Tinto Life Cycle Structure

    “To assess how carbon policy and regulation will affect our businesses and our products in the future, we closely monitor national and international climate and energy policy developments and we advocate constructively for policies that are environmentally effective, economically efficient and equitable” (Rio Tinto, 2015b; p.Environment8), the reason for their delay is embedded in their drive to maximize gain as exemplified above. Irrespective of such glitches, it is noteworthy that Rio Tinto…

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  • Carbon Tariff Research Paper

    1.First, the "carbon tariff" The concept of "carbon tariff" most early by former French President Jacques Chirac put forward is that if a country's production of the product does not reach the standard set by the importing country in energy saving and emission reduction, will be levied tariffs. In 2009 France proposed in 2010 will to foreign imports impose a "carbon tariff", the tariff rate will be for per ton of carbon dioxide emissions charge Euro 17, later also will be gradually…

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  • Biodiesel Research Paper

    is reducing the United States dependence on imported diesel. This alternative fuel is creating jobs and improving the environment also. (www.biofuels,org, 2015) Biodiesel is made from a diverse mix of feed stocks, including recycled oil, soybean oil and animal fats. It is the first and only EPA designated advanced biofuel in on a commercial scale production across the country. Biodiesel had to pass strict specifications to make sure the fuel quality was right and can be used within existing…

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  • The Importance Of Climate Change And Structural Engineering

    back to space directly, but the rest that enters the planets is either absorbed by the atmosphere and earth surface or reflected back to space. However some of the energy is trapped by the atmosphere to warm the earth’s surface in a natural way. This phenomenon is called the ‘The Greenhouse Effect’ which is caused by certain gases in the atmosphere known as ‘Greenhouse Gases’, such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4). These gases reflect energy back to earth not allowing its escape to…

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  • Environmental Benefits Of Hybrid Cars

    car during low speeds whereas the gas engine powers the car in high speeds only. Some of these hybrid cars for example the Toyota Prius and the Civic Hybrid produces less emissions of carbon dioxide in addition to the less fuel consumption rate. The lack of knowledge concerning this type of cars has limited their usage by people in the country. Most individuals are not aware how the hybrid cars operate and if they are good as any other car that uses gasoline (Cignini, 2014). Since the invention…

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  • Renewable Energy Papers

    United States depends heavily on oil, natural gas, and coal for its energy. Fossil fuels draw finite resources that eventually dwindle (non-renewable),…

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  • Renewable Energy In Sub-Saharan Africa

    In the days before industrialization, climate change, carbon emissions and rising temperatures were not global issues. Back then, people were concerned more with the Bubonic plague or the Crusades, instead of their EVs and solar roofs. But obviously, the times have changed. In the mid-eighteenth century, also known as the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, there were roughly 700 million people on the Earth, compared to estimates of over seven billion in 2015 (McLamb). Much of the economic…

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