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  • Eula Biss Analysis

    Essay One: Rough Draft Both Aleksandar Hemon and Eula Biss both argue that having a sense of belongingness to a community is important for people to feel, and I agree with that because having a place to call home can make someone feel like they are a part of something and makes them feel comfortable. On the contrary, if you do not feel as though you belong to a certain community, you lose a sense of uniqueness and having a special emotional tie to where you live. In Aleksandar Hemon's "Lives of a Flaneur," he evokes a sense of community and belonging once he moves away from his home in Sarajevo and finds a new one in Chicago. Throughout this essay, Hemon's ultimate goal is to search for a new place to call home. He had originally left Sarajevo…

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  • Case Study: Loyola University Chicago

    Loyola University Chicago is a Jesuit institution that promotes caring for others, caring for one’s self, and caring for the community. It is one of Loyola’s foundational aspect of caring for the community that has made the requirement of engaged learning a part of the curriculum. Since the Fall of 2012, Loyola has required its students to go out into the world and obtain hands-on experience in different sorts of fields. One may accomplish this through an internship course, or a class combined…

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  • Application Essay: A Career In Law School

    The legal professions have never interested more than they have now. From being something off my radar, it has turned into a possible career choice. Being in graduate business school, this internship may seem as an irrelevant undergraduate level experience, but the impact it will have in my career path may be crucial. This will be my first hands-on experience in the area of law. Being used to the business mindset or school of thought, this will definitely be an interesting experience. The reason…

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  • Liberals Go Crazy For The Mentally Ill By Ann Coulter Rhetorical Analysis

    opinions. She has received a substantial amount of hate from the populace but still refuses to back down. The reason for why she’s always writing and saying disputable things is because the American people let her. When we don’t like somebody, we tend to shower them with hate and inform them about how much we just despise them. This very same thing is being done with Ann Coulter’s case because regardless of whether it’s good attention or bad, we’re giving her a reason to keep talking. This, in a…

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  • LSAT Personal Statement

    history of underperformance on standardized tests. Despite these scores, I have consistently outperformed in school and in my career. I transferred from Moraine Valley Community College with a 3.9 GPA, with honors, awards, and scholarships. When I transferred to Loyola University Chicago, I enhanced, furthermore, honed my writing, critical reading and analytical skills by taking upper-level Humanities courses, such as English, literature, history, and philosophy. I knew these advanced courses…

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  • What Are My Personal Values

    to inspire the teamwork among my siblings. My mom encouraged us to work hard, go above and beyond our role in the family and never settle for less than what we strived for. I established my first value – responsibility, doing my chores on the farm and around the household since I was about 7 years old. One of the most important lessons that my mom taught me was, that if you have to do something, if you have some kind of responsibility then there are no excuses not to do your best every single…

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  • Equal Rights For Women

    The fight for equal rights for women is a battle that is old as time. Currently in America, women everywhere are still fighting an uphill battle for equal rights, whether it be at school, in the workplace or in the community. Men have always been regarded as stronger, worthier and smarter than women, however it appears as though the tables have turned in the women’s favor in some instances, but certainly not all. The role of a woman a few short decades ago was to be a wife and a mother at home…

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  • Essay On Spray Knockdown System

    the persecution and violence they had to deal with, and how it all seemed to evaporate when they came to this country. Even though they both came here with little money, and in my mother’s case, the inability to speak English, they both ended up so much better off here in America. Even today I have family coming over who had to deal with backward and strange laws in their home country. Almost all of my relatives were excluded from tons of jobs, like anything that involves preparing food, because…

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  • On Liberty Film Analysis

    This drastically impacts the marketplace of ideas. John Stuart Mills in his book, On Liberty, creates the marketplace of ideas. This marketplace subsists on the perception that all speech has value and needs to face criticism equally in a public sphere. Campaign contributions destroy the marketplace by expelling the views of average citizens in exchange for the views of corporate donors that don’t have the opportunity to have their views scrutinized by the public. Their views are safe from…

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  • Objectives Of Internal Auditor

    audit should first list all the key success factors which make objectives come true and risk factors which may prevent from success. Then, internal audit should list identified key success factors and risk factors (internal and external) which may prevent from success one by one, and analyze and judge to which extent risk factors affect objective realization from perspective of enterprise objective and organizational objective. Including: ① Listing enterprise strategy, so as to analyze…

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