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  • Beinex In America Film Analysis

    who belonged to any club. I didn 't get down on my knees at the Cahiers du Cinéma altar.’ (Beineix …) He was later joined by Luc Besson and his film ‘Le Grand Bleu’ (1983), screened at Cannes Film Festival where Beineix’s second film ‘La Lune dans le caniveau’ (‘The moon in the gutter’, 1983) was booed and discredited by most, including Gérard Depardieu, the film’s major star. Despite the bad reviews, Beineix’s third project, ‘37º2 le matin’ (1876) had the same influence and cult-film effect on the youth culture in France and internationally as ‘Diva’ had. This was mainly due to Beatrice Dalle’s unanticipated performance where she managed to flawlessly capture the perfect combination of innocence and rebelliousness characteristic of 1980’s youth Zeitgeist as well as portraying an “icon of femininity in the 1980s” (Wilson, 1999:57). LUC BESSON: Luc Besson is the most ambiguous out of these two directors, receiving constant ridicule from the French critic establishment while at the same time proving a sustained hit within the young audiences. His films tell stories of misunderstood individuals who not only cannot fit into society’s forms, but are also prevented from achieving their goals because of their continuous conflictive state with society. A society that he pictures as the reason for young people’s emotional deprivation up to the age of 20’. (Besson cites in The Observer Review 30.10.94). In his early days, Besson’s only dream was to become a delphinologue. However,…

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  • Textual Analysis Of The Movie Luc Besson

    The Luc Besson movie, Lucy, recounts the story of a lady who has totally opened the maximum capacity of her mind limit, while people generally would utilize just 10% of it. While numerous fans were befuddled by the interesting blend of pseudo-science and action scenes, the foundation of the motion picture depends on a totally distinctive note: It discusses the Luciferianism reasoning of the mysterious world class and its end product cutting edge, transhumanism. Before I go deeper in my essay I…

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  • French New Wave Analysis

    n utilised in their own works. Though “the young French cinema indirectly reproached Hollywood’s long-established narratives and restricted storyline subterfuges” (Lanzoni, 206), the French New Wave directors also had a longstanding appreciation for directorial greats like Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang and Orson Welles. Each film was an exercise in honouring great filmmakers, and any other hero of the director: writers, great thinkers and even Hollywood actors, through countless references in…

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  • Tessie's Response To The Lottery

    Jackson advocates for open-mindedness. The villagers acknowledge that “some places have already quit lotteries” (Jackson 4), which reveals that it is very much possible to dispose of the tradition without consequences. Thus, as previously stated, the first step in disposing of the outdated traditions, practices, and ideas is to acknowledge that they are there and to consider the fact that they may be unjust. If people have grown up with the idea that something is right and there is nothing more…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

    I can write about anything else. I can write about the similarities and differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. I can write about the use of Anglo-Saxon language in my favorite folk epic Beowulf. I can even write a haiku, you name it, the subject could range from Donald Trump’s hair to the hopeful return of Michael Phelps in Tokyo 2020. Anything at all. Yet, to ask me define myself is a daunting task because I am still trying to figure out who I am. I am envious of people that…

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  • Citizen Kane Mise En Scene Analysis

    Photography is the key element of mise en scene that determines how an audience will interpret the visual information in film. Orson Welles used the photography of his 1941 film Citizen Kane to emphasize aspects of the film he wanted viewers to focus on, and to remove non-essential information from the frame. This was accomplished through various camera tequniques including manipulation of angles and proxemity. Approaching the end of the film there is a scene just after Susan (played by Dorothy…

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  • Non Print Text Analysis

    Lifelong learning goes beyond what you learn and obtain from reading texts. Non-print texts can facilitate lifelong learning too, but it goes about it in a different way. Non-print texts can vary from music and art to something as simple as a pencil or a trashcan. With non-print text a new way of learning is revealed. It opens the door to creativity, in-depth thinking, and teaches you to be open-minded. When working with non-print texts you become more creative. A lot of the times there is no…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Everest Goals

    As a learner, I am usually visual as an enormous amount of my tests have shown. I have innumerable goals and I am trying extremely hard to accomplish them. One of my Everest goals is to find a subject in social studies that I indeed love and excel at it. I am not the best at Spanish and being reflective so my Everest goal is to obtain superior scores at Spanish and at being self reflective, learning and building on my actions, improving scores that weren’t satisfactory before, etc. My favorite…

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  • French New Wave Films Analysis

    French New Wave Cinema during its time was something completely special and different for the world of films. Because of French New Wave it brought on a sense of realism that was never seen before and improvisation that was not considered possible for the cinema to create a film. So using examples from the films “Band of Outsiders” and “Faces” we can see not only the examples of what French New Wave so distinct but also its affects on cinema today. French New Wave itself was a movement based…

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  • Final Reflection: Improving Communication Skills In The Classroom

    Final Reflection Imagine this, you are in a classroom and the instructor walks in. He starts his lecture full of energy. Everyone around you is engaged, and comfortable with one another. You are in a safe place and you feel encouraged and embraced by your peers and instructor. This scenario is possible. Instructors and other youth-serving professionals need strong communication skills in the class room in order to be effective educators. What can we do to make this situation better, some may…

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