Tessie's Response To The Lottery

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Jackson advocates for open-mindedness. The villagers acknowledge that “some places have already quit lotteries” (Jackson 4), which reveals that it is very much possible to dispose of the tradition without consequences. Thus, as previously stated, the first step in disposing of the outdated traditions, practices, and ideas is to acknowledge that they are there and to consider the fact that they may be unjust. If people have grown up with the idea that something is right and there is nothing more to it, it is not to be expected that their opinion will change so easily, but it is possible for them to consider the fact that it isn’t necessarily fair to certain individuals. Jackson emphasizes how Tessie, the winner of the lottery, did absolutely nothing wrong she was just unlucky. This could be applied to individuals in real modern society who are considered to be “out of the ordinary” or go against the established idea of “normal”. Tessie did not choose to be stoned to death by her fellow community members, she did not ask for it just as individuals a part of the lgbtq community do not choose their sexual orientation or gender …show more content…
Readers are introduced to “The Lottery” in a way that makes it seem entirely ordinary, and it is not until much later that they are exposed to the horrifying truth behind the villages tradition. She demonstrates how an outdated tradition leads to the brutal loss of a life, which may seem a bit extreme but in reality is not too far fetched. Her story is a plea for us to realize that we have a number of outdated traditions and ideas in modern society that cause a great amount of harm towards unlucky individuals that are nothing else but that, unlucky. She request for us to become aware of the evil prevalent in our society that arises as a result of these outdated traditions and ideas and and then asks that we dispose of

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