My Philosophy Essay

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Everyone’s views on certain topics is something that can always change due to receiving greater knowledge from outside sources and experiencing new things from our everyday lives. Understanding someone’s philosophy is understanding how they interoperate right from wrong and the choices they choose daily. I like to believe that my philosophy is always changing and growing with everything I learn about and different things I go through by applying it to ethical behavioural, how I preserve observations and social system that we live in today.
I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because everyone has different views of what they consider beautiful is because of the things they were taught and the various views and things
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These views can usually change over time due to friends, surroundings and things they learn from the education system. My philosophy has changed greatly during the last few years of my life because of my beliefs and open-mindedness and understanding on certain topics has changed. I used to be Christian, but I began to question the bibles structure and the beliefs on what should be taken seriously in the bible and what shouldn 't be. I started to look at common sense, logic and what I believed was right and wrong and how which reflected how I wanted to live my life and deciding to start question my surroundings. Which lead me to question the building I grew up in and beliefs I was taught to live my life by and not question facts. I feel the purpose of our self in the universe is different for each person, but it should regard finding ourselves not though someone or something but who we are as …show more content…
I will always continue to respect others dietary restricts regardless if they choose to eat meat or not, I choose to educate myself about extinction of many animals and regarding animal cruelty and the mistreatment of animals on farms and factories. Many animals are being treated terribly during the process of them being killed for food by being injected with hormones, being placed in small and unhealthy environments. I changed my way of eating when I started to gain more knowledge about how animals are being treated and noticed that I don’t have to consume meat in my diet to have a healthy

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