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  • Maus: Father And Son Relationship In The Holocaust

    Although there has been other genocides, the Holocaust has been the worst event that took place in history. Two million Jews and other minorities were targeted and killed. The Holocaust was successful in carrying out all the atrocities they did under the regime of Hitler, because Hitler and his followers were organize and tactical when caring out their reign of terror. Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic memoir, Maus, written by Art Speigelman’s (1991). The author writes about his father experience in the concentration camp. When reading the novel the readers can read that Art and his father, Vladex, don’t have a healthy relationship. There are times in the novel that the reader can feel Art resentment towards his father and dead brother who was killed during the Holocaust. An example of this is when art has to go to his father and he tells Francoise “They didn 't talk about a Richieu, but the photo was a kind of reproach. He 'd have become a Doctor, and married a wealthy Jewish Girl ...the creep.” “But at least we could 've made him deal with Vladex . ... it 's spooky having sibling rivalry with a snapshot!” (Spiegelman,1991, p. 15). Here one can infer that when Art was a child, he was troubled by the fact that his parents idolize his dead brother. When comparing Art and father relationship to other Holocaust survivor’s father and son relationship one can see that they don’t have a normal father and son relationship. The traumatic experiences that they went through in the…

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  • Theme Of I Escape A Violent Gang By Susan B Anthony Dares To Vote

    In the memoir, “I Escaped A Violent Gang” and in the informational text, “Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote,” a common theme is courage. In “I Escaped a Violent Gang,” Ana had the courage to get out of the gang that she had been in for a long time. In “Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote,” Susan had the courage to fight for women’s equal rights. Although these two texts share the theme of courage, there are still some differences. In “I Escaped a Violent Gang,” Ana is trying to get out of the gang,…

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  • Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony once said, “Men their rights, and nothing more; women their rights, and nothing less.” “Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts and was raised in a Quaker household. Later went on to work as a teacher before becoming a leading figure in the abolitionist and women's voting rights movement. She partnered with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and eventually lead the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Anthony died March 13, 1906 at the age of 86 in…

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  • Theme Of Faith In Narnia

    In Narnia, as in the Bible, grace is linked to faith. One cannot acquire forgiveness on their own. His own sin is too great and the divine sovereign is too honest for self-justification. One cannot change themselves either. Sinfulness is to grand to overcome on ones’ own. There are some things only Aslan can do, and the only proper human response to these things is faith. As the Beavers in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tell Peter, it is no good trying to save Mr. Tumnus from the White…

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  • Victorian Gender Roles In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    It was as if the blood, no longer needed for the working of the heart had gone to make the harshness of death as little rude as might be.”(173) Because Lucy gained supernatural powers from Dracula’s bite she regained consciousness after her death. A character who we can presume was Lucy was seen sucking the blood of young children; the children called Lucy the “bloofer lady”. Lucy fell from being a socialite to a disgraceful creature who preys on children at nightfall. Lucy appearance is…

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  • Examples Of Allegory In Dracula

    a wealthy count in Transylvania, real estate in London. After strange incidents of Count Dracula attempting to suck Johnathon’s blood, and imprison him, Johnathon escapes. The novel then switches to Mina Murray’s, Johnathon’s fiancé, and her friend, Lucy Westenra’s, points of view through their letters. It is mostly just gossip, but there are several references to Johnathon. Through there gossip they introduce most of the main characters. Next, it shifts to Dr. John Seward, or Jack’s diary with…

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  • Susan Brownell Anthony's Suffrage Movement

    Susan Brownell Anthony (Feb. 20, 1820 - March 13, 1906) was an American social reformer and a feminist who played an important role in the woman’s suffrage movement. She began to collect anti-slavery petitions at the age of 17. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and herself founded the New York Women’s State Temperance Society after Anthony was not allowed to speak at a temperance conference because she was a woman. She began the movement to equality in women, although we are still looked at as minorities,…

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  • Charlotte's Web Symbolism

    introduces the four protagonist, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy as the “Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve” (Lewis 29). The four characters are human and Lewis blatantly relates them back to Adam and Eve, God’s first human beings. Another core reason to the heavy Christian undertone is the character, Aslan. Lewis designed Aslan, an allegorical representation of Jesus, as one who rules over Narnia, instills fear and respect within all the people. When Mr. Beaver speaks of the great lion, “[the]…

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  • The Role Of Good And Evil In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    classic “good versus evil” plot. The evil being displayed by Count Dracula and the good being shown by the other characters who sought out to defeat Dracula upon figuring out his true desires. The story begins with a young solicitor named Jonathon Harker who is assigned to go to Transylvania by his firm to assist Count Dracula 's purchase of real estate in London. The battle is foreshadowed upon the young solicitor, Jonathon Harker being handed a crucifix after hearing a landlady say, "It is the…

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  • Women's Suffrage Movement In The 1800s

    At the turn of the century, women’s roles in the United States were very different than today. Back then in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, women had one role, which was getting married and having children. Women were basically slaves, they lived in a home with their husband and children, and were expected to raise their children and do whatever their husbands desired. After getting married, women would give up many of their rights. They were not allowed to own property, keep their own wages,…

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