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  • True Heroes In Robert Ray's The Thematic Paradigm

    The most prominent example of this is Emperor Commodus’ sister Lucilla. He is sympathetic towards her for two main reasons. First the hinting of the old flame cliché that they shared. Second, and possibly most important, Emperor Commodus uses her son to control her. Maximus shows such sympathy toward Lucilla because his wife and son was taken from him by Emperor Commodus. He doesn’t want anyone else to share that fate. An Official hero, according to Ray, “were preeminently worldly, comfortable in society, and willing to undertake even those public duties demanding personal sacrifice” (380). Maximus wants to live a comfortable life in which he settles down with his family. He was truly comfortable with society and believes that he could lead that kind of life. Maximus is also concerning himself with the material values that his peers and country men can live a life free of tyranny. He wants his people to live without fearing…

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  • Violence In Gladiator

    Colosseum. Violence perpetuated gender norms in the Roman Empire. This society was very patriarchal, misogynistic, and limited towards women. Women were not allowed to join the army, as seen at the beginning of the film. The only women travelling with the army were not there to battle. Lucilla, Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ daughter, was there, but only because her father sent for her and her brother Commodus. Women are absolutely not allowed to rule as Caesar. Case in point, Marcus Aurelius said…

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  • Gladiator's Commodus

    Commodus’s death, too, is presented erroneously. Commodus and Maximus duel in the arena; Commodus is stabbed in the throat, and he dies. Though Commodus did fight in the arena, it was not the place of his death. Rather, he was choked in a bathtub by his gladiatorial mentor, Narcissus; a plot devised by his sister Lucilla. There is no historical character who is Maximus; we just made him up (Gladiator: The True Story, 2011). So stated Gladiator’s writer and producer, David Franzoni. Maximus…

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  • Brief Summary: The Life Of Thomas H. Jones

    This is until he meets his future wife Lucilla Smith. Smith and Jones end up having three kids but again despair is near Jones. One day Lucilla’s master end up moving so Lucilla and the kids had gone with their master which was not Joneses. This is one of Joneses lowest moments and contemplates death as a answer. Luckily Jones decided not to and he started saving up money to buy his wife and kids. Jones started to save money in a box he kept buried until he saved almost enough money with some…

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  • Maximus: The Tragic Hero In The Film Gladiator

    Becoming a prisoner of a slave trader, Maximus is sold as a gladiator. So much to say as a beast for the slaughterhouse. But, in the hell of the arena, he fights like a barbaric god and soon challenges another, Commodus ... Around these characters, Gladiator makes his Russian salad of Roman history, like a peplum Classic. These include The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964), by Anthony Mann, where Marcus Aurelius was already killed by Commodus, for having preferred a certain Livius, who did not…

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  • Aristotle's Definition Of A Tragic Hero Essay

    wound while fighting an unfair fight. Even if Maximus didn’t follow some of Aristotle’s prestigious rules, I strongly still believe he is a tragic hero. Throughout the movie, Maximus has shown and developed qualities of a tragic hero. He showed signs of nobleness, hamartia,peripeteia and a fate greater than what he deserved.. However, Maximus doesn’t experience anagnorisis which is realising that his peripeteia was his own fault. As a result of this Maximum is more of a modern day hero and fits…

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  • Not Giving Up In A Knight's Tale

    He gains fame throughout the games, and despite not wanting to compete, he uses his newfound power to try to overthrow the corrupt emperor. He doesn’t give up, much like William, as they both are born a certain way and they change their stars despite all odds. The theme not giving up is shown with this quote: “Today i saw a slave become more powerful than the emperor of Rome”. The director was showing, again, that we don’t have to follow the path we were born into. This quote was said by…

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  • Gholett Character Analysis

    A male harpy who likes to drop boulders on passing ships. FULL NAME- Marcella Lucilla Harpyia NICKNAME/ALIAS- Gholett PHYSICAL AGE- 26 AGE- 1000+ GENDER- DFAB Transmale, he/him BIRTH-DATE- (Born on 37 B.C) RACE/SPECIES- Monster(Harpy) SIGNIFICANT OTHER- Glory FAMILY- None. PERSONALITY- They seem quite friendly even while they have malicious intents. They are quite charismatic and encouraging. They give off the aura of a strong-willed and composed person with a lot of wisdom(Those…

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  • Who Is The Hero In Ridley Scott's Gladiator

    Ridley Scott's Gladiator is a 2000 film industry achievement which stars the hero, Russel Crowe, as the unwavering Hispano-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius. Joaquin Phoenix is the foe and stars as Commodus, the degenerate and goal-oriented child of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The maturing Emperor is featured by veteran performing artist Richard Harris. Lucilla, little girl of the Emperor, is featured by Connie Nielsen who needs to oppose the perverted advances of Commodus and ensure her…

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  • Importance Of Blow Fly

    of eggs in a lifetime and the presence of thousands of larvae at a time in such close proximity, the potential for transmission is high. Recall that at the start of this article it was mentioned how blow flies are useful for humans. After reading about how these flies spread so many diseases, one can’t help but wonder how they could ever be important. However, it is true that we have found uses for Calliphorids, mainly in the fields of Forensics, Medicine, and Insect Pollination. Regarding…

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