The Death Of Slavery: Thomas H. Jones

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Thomas H. Jones was a slave who was born on 1806 He was born a slave in a time of hardship. Jones had a mother and father that were already slaves when he was born. Their owner was a man by the name of John Hawes. This man was also Jones first master and jones became a slave at birth. Jones had five other siblings that were also slaves on the same plantation. Slaves had very little back then but the parents tried to do their best to give them a good life. However slaves were treated badly and often beaten for completing work and are limited on all resources like food and cloths. The kids were not spared from the cruelty, the kids like Jones worked in the fields or attending to the masters children request. Jones hated it but he was happy he had a family. Jones was however sold one day and had to say goodbye to his family and even torn from his mother’s arms. Jones had …show more content…
This is until he meets his future wife Lucilla Smith. Smith and Jones end up having three kids but again despair is near Jones. One day Lucilla’s master end up moving so Lucilla and the kids had gone with their master which was not Joneses. This is one of Joneses lowest moments and contemplates death as a answer. Luckily Jones decided not to and he started saving up money to buy his wife and kids. Jones started to save money in a box he kept buried until he saved almost enough money with some help from a friend to buy his wife and kids. For three hundred fifty dollars. They lived together for a short while until a women came at night to give them a warning about men coming to enslave Joneses wife and kids again so all but Jones flee to New York on a ship. Jones stayed and served his master until his master had grown sick and was convinced by Jones who paid eight dollars for him to be shipped to New York and was hidden away on a

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