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  • Emperor Commodus Research Paper

    Emperor Commodus Born on the 31st of August, 161 AD, Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, later known as Commodus, was the Roman Emperor from 180 AD to 192 AD. He was the first Emperor to succeed his blood father since since Titus succeeded Vespasian in 79, and was also the first Emperor to be born “in the purple”, which means he was born during his father’s reign. Commodus is largely considered one of the worser Emperors to have ruled the Roman Empire. Though he ruled for quite a long period of time, by the end of his rule, his own ego had back quite prevalent throughout the empire. Commodus had always placed emphasis on his own divine right. Numerous statues portraying him as Hercules were placed all over the empire, against the senate's wishes. Commodus also later claimed to be the son of jupiter, the representative of the supreme god of the Roman pantheon. His ego grew to megalomaniacal proportions, as evident in the way he celebrated his power. Rather than honour his descent from Marcus Aurelius, the actual source of his power, Commodus…

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  • True Heroes In Robert Ray's The Thematic Paradigm

    The most prominent example of this is Emperor Commodus’ sister Lucilla. He is sympathetic towards her for two main reasons. First the hinting of the old flame cliché that they shared. Second, and possibly most important, Emperor Commodus uses her son to control her. Maximus shows such sympathy toward Lucilla because his wife and son was taken from him by Emperor Commodus. He doesn’t want anyone else to share that fate. An Official hero, according to Ray, “were preeminently worldly, comfortable…

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  • Julius Caesar: A Film Analysis Of The Film Gladiator

    Maximus Decimus Meridius take his place as emperor. However, Marcus Aurelius’ son, Commodus, takes matters into his own hands to guarantee that he will be the one to be proclaimed heir and ultimately, Caesar. Although, the film explores the history of Rome by including several historical figures, it is mainly based on a fictional plot. “Gladiator” includes significant figures, however modifying them and their backstories immensely, and presenting the famous gladiator fights of Rome in a way that…

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  • Hercules Movie Analysis

    passes on. . The Emperor then enlightens his real child Commodus…

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  • Violence In Gladiator

    (Hopkins, 1983, p. 19). This is shown in the movie when Maximus first reveals his identity to Commodus in the Colosseum. Commodus immediately calls for arms and is ready to kill Maximus on the spot. The crowd is shouting “live, live, live” and Commodus in the end goes with the crowd and gives the thumbs up (which is historically inaccurate, the thumb is supposed to point to the side). Though Commodus listened to the mob, because his authority was at stake, he still could have had Maximus killed…

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  • The Ancient Roman Gladiatorial Games

    Spectacle and thrill were a major component of life in the ancient Roman empire. The gladiatorial games could perhaps be considered the favorite form of entertainment among Romans at the time. The gladiators themselves came from a variety of different walks of life. Roman spectacle took place in arenas, and they occurred in a great deal of forms. The gladiatorial games are often confused with gladiatorial executions; however, the two are in fact quite different. One question that has intrigued…

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  • Roles Of The Gladiators

    The Gladiators and games were not what they are historically described as in most history textbooks. History teaches us that the gladiators were murderers, rapists and the dregs of the Roman Empire and they were forced to fight. However, this is not entirely the case. The role of the Gladiators and the Gladiatorial games on the Roman Empire was long-lasting and far-reaching. When the games first took off, many of the soldiers were actually volunteers who wanted to fight to increase their social…

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  • The Gladiator: Movie Analysis

    It was then that a slave trader found him and took him to Zucchabar, Africa selling him into slavery. A wealthy entertainer, named Antonious Proximo bought Maximus as a gladiator for rent. Maximus first resisted being a fighter but decided later that if he truly wishes to exact revenge on Commodus then he’d have to work within the lot life had provided. As supported in Vladimir’s review, “(Maximus) ends up as a gladiator, at the very bottom of society; and from this position, using all his…

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  • Nero's Influence On Roman Culture

    The perplexing nature of members of higher status within Roman society taking part in public spectacles did not just end at the elite, however. In fact, a few Roman emperor’s themselves took part in such festivities. Those that were of the most criticized included Nero and Commodus. Nero was not only a fan of the arena, but he became infamous for his performances as a gladiator, “pushing the public persona required for an emperor to an extreme that conservative Roman values… found disgraceful”…

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  • Gladiator Tragic Hero Analysis

    He is wise and shows that he is noble by being the most respected and well liked generals in the army. He is shown to be very proud in his ability to fight, even a little too proud of it at times. He is also favored to be the new ruler of Rome over the king’s son by the king himself. His sudden change of fortune is caused by the king dying at the hands of his son, leaving Maximus helpless as he was forced to flee from his execution set by Commodus, the king’s son. Commodus went after Maximus’…

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